Thursday, June 9, 2011

Storage Company

Yesterday, I had unexpected visitors. My ex-BIL and ex-SIL’s came over late in the afternoon. I was surprised to see them, especially my ex-BIL because he is from Manila. I have learned that the couple decided to move here in Davao for good because their children have their own families now. My ex-BIL and his wife arrived on Monday, and until now all their household stuffs were left at the cargo shipping company because they don’t have yet a house here. The couples are temporarily living to one of the sisters here. However, my BIL has a problem because the cargo storage company charged them per day, so he really needs to pull out all their things at the cargo storage. That was the reason why they came over. They asked if there is a vacant house, or apartment that fits to their budget, and they could move right away here in our place. So, today, I was busy looking for an apartment or house. If only there’s a storage cardiff here, I would rather like to pull-out first the cargo and store it there temporary. I guess it is a lot cheaper than storing your things in a cargo shipping company.