Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google Page Rank Updates

When I checked my PR to all of my blogs this evening, I was really surprised with the updates that I have. Anyway, here are the updates that Mr. Google gave me.

                                                            Old PR        New PR
Mom’s Place                                           PR 3           PR 2
iTravel                                                     PR 3           PR 4
Mom’s Wish Lists                                   PR 2           PR 2
Lifestyle & Homemaking                  PR 0           PR 3

The New Blogs: Wordpress

A Woman’s Note (2 ½ mo. Old)             PR 0         PR 0
Kat-in-the-kitchen (21/2 mo.old)             PR 0         PR 1
World Latest Updates (newly update)      PR 0         PR 0
Homelifestyle (newly update)                   PR 0         PR 1
General Essential (newly update)             PR 0          PR 0

I really couldn’t believe these updates. I was not expecting that my Mom’s Place will get higher PR because I was busy updating the three new blogs, and I almost neglected my main blog. My iTravel blog on the other hand, I was hoping that the PR will go down because I want to buy a domain for it, but I couldn’t do it because it has a PR of 3, and I will definitely lost it if I will change it to own domain. To my surprised, Mr. Google raises the PR into 4. Ha ha. The Mom’s Wish Lists has no change, but the Lifestyle & Homemaking has a good rank. From PR 0 to PR 3. Whoa! Anyway, I want to thank Mr. Google for these updates. I am satisfied with the result of the updates.