Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day at School

I woke up very early this morning because today is the first day school opening. My son and niece were still sleepy when I told them to get up from the bed. I know why they were still sleepy because yesterday was their cousin’s birthday, and they had fun until in the evening. Anyway, even if they were tired, they didn't complain when I told them that they will be late at school if they don’t move. I sent them to the school for they don’t know yet their respective rooms. I was glad that my niece who is in Grade 1 didn't grumble when I told her that I will go home, and I will just come back to pick her up after her class. My niece will go home earlier than my son, so I would be back to fetch her up. Now, since the kids are at school, and I am alone here in our home, my next task is to clean my mother’s blinds. I supposed to clean this yesterday, but I was also at the birthday party. Anyway, after cleaning the blinds, I would definitely continue my online tasks.