Thursday, June 9, 2011

Durian, our favorite fruit.

In a few months from now, we will enjoy this fruit again because it’s durian season. Janjan couldn’t wait to eat durian again. Anyway, you can still see and buy durian at the fruit stand today but the price is higher when it is not the season. The first time Janjan saw this fruit, he was amazed of the size, and then when we opened the fruit, Janjan ran outside the house because he doesn’t like the smell. He said it smells like a poop. Lol. I gave him a little meat, so he could taste it, but he refused and covered his mouth and nose. Jason jokingly told me not to teach Janjan on how to eat this fruit because he knows that when Janjan tastes it, he will definitely love it. It took for a couple of years before Janjan tried to taste this fruit. And today, Janjan is the first one to grab the meat as soon as you open the durian. He really loves it. He could eat a whole big durian. Anyhow, I am linking this also to Thursday Brownies. I found this meme at Chuchie Hideaway.