Monday, June 6, 2011

At the Beach

How was your weekend everyone, mine was just a very busy weekend for I have to prepare all the school things of my son and nephew. For two consecutive days, I was at the National Bookstore just to buy school stuffs. Anyway, since today is Monday, I wish you a wonderful week ahead, and here is my entry for today’s meme.

This is one of the beaches here in our place. I went there a few days ago but not to go on swimming. I just asked if they have a promotion for a big event like wedding, birthday, baptismal or debut. I also checked the facilities that they have like the restaurant, bars, and the place for the special event. Anyway, I haven’t talk yet the manager, so I have no idea how they will cater like a hundred person. By the way, it was my aunt who asked me to check this resort because her daughter will come home from Dubai and will be getting married next month, so I am helping my aunt to look for a place for her daughter’s wedding venue. The verdict to this place, it's 50-50, because the place is nice actually, and the great advantage is, this is near to our house, but I don’t know yet the food and how they set up a beach-wedding.

Smiling Sally