Saturday, June 11, 2011

3-Day Sale

Its Saturday today and there will be three-day sales at SM Mall, which was started yesterday as part of the Philippine Independence Day celebration on June 12, 2011. The mall sale includes spa’s outlet, hair salon outlet, sports store, restaurants and a lot more. I was there last week, and I have received two hair salon business cards and at the back of these business cards are discounts that I am going to avail on every service that I want to have. How cool is that? Actually, I got three business cards, but I gave one card to my cousin. I want to go there today but the weather is not good again. We have rains for a couple of days now. I wish it won’t rain so hard because I still have back pains from yesterday’s rain. The rain water went inside the house, and I was mopping the floor from the living room to the kitchen. I guess this house needs a renovation that could stop the rain water to get inside the house.