Sunday, May 15, 2011

Toy Cars

Janjan was busy cleaning and arranging his toy cars today. His big brother instructed him to clean all his toys, put it in the box, or give it to their little cousin if he doesn’t like to play it anymore. He has six Remote Control Cars but there is only one that is not battery operated. The five toy cars are battery operated, which is why, it is very seldom he could play with it because it needs six batteries per toy car. Janjan was planning to give at least one of his remote control cars to his little cousin, and he wants to give the smallest toy car. Well, if he would ask me, I want to give it all to his cousin because I got annoyed every time I saw his toys scattered on the floor. It would be great if he could give it all. I wish he will decide later to give these toys to Thirdy, his little cousin.