Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday 9: My Best Friend's Wedding

1. Have you ever lost a friend after he/she got married?
Ans: Yes, because they move far from our place and computer or cell phone was not yet introduced at that time.

2. Do you make friends easily?
Ans: Not really but I entertained new friends.

3. Do you have many close friends?
Ans: Not so many.

4. Tell us about your oldest friend.
Ans: I feel so sad for her because she has lung cancer now. She smoked since we were teenagers, and when she got married, she started to drink hard liquor. Despite our advices to her, she never listened.

5. Tell us about your newest friend.
Ans: I have lots of new friends online and haven't met them yet in person, but I have met one of them, and she's no other than Vernz, a very smart person. A mother of three smart kids, loving wife and a disappointed DIL. (Vernz, peace be with you! lol.)

6. Do you hang out with your friends often, or just occasionally when you can find time?
Ans: Yes, only when we have free time to go out.

7. What's the furthest you've traveled to visit (or vacation with, etc.) a friend?
Ans: I almost tour the whole Luzon with my friends. We’ve been to Cebu and Bohol also.

8. What's the biggest or best thing a friend has ever done for you?
Ans: Taking care of me when I was sick, comforted me when I had problems.

9. What's the worst or most hurtful thing that a friend (or an ex-friend) has done to you?
Ans: So far, none, and I hope no one would do that to me.