Wednesday, May 25, 2011

S is for.....

It's ABC Wednesday time again. We are now on letter "S".

So, for salad, siopao, spaghetti, strawberry ice cream and siomai.

Siopao is a Filipino steamed bun with meat filling. Traditionally, the two kinds of siopao are asado and bola-bola. Asado siopao is made with pork or beef cooked in soy sauce and seasonings. Bola-bola siopao is made with pork and Chinese sausage, which are baked with egg and flour. The dough is made from rice flour. Asado is the most popular kind, and can be found in the Philippines at both street vendors and restaurants. The convenience of being able to eat this dish with one hand is part of its appeal.

Siomai is similar to a meatball made of shrimp or pork or a combination of these, wrapped in thin pasta like wrapper called the molo wrapper. This is steamed for several minutes to be cooked and is always served with soy sauce, chili garlic and calamansi (lemon).

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