Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Native Accessories

Just found this photo from my folder. I guess it was taken last Christmas or Davao Day at the mall when there was an exhibit for Mindanao native products. Since today if Tuesday, it’s time to post our red photos, and this is my entry for today. I am not so fond of these native accessories like necklace, bracelet, belt, and earrings that are made of beads. I like the one that is made of shells. My brother and his wife bought these native accessories when they were here and gave it to their friends and family as their presents to them. They also bought some souvenirs like mugs with a Philippine Flag printed on it, the funny ash tray, funny because the handle of this ash tray is a pe_ _ s of a big man. Anyway, don’t forget to visit the host of this meme for more beautiful red entries today.

Products of Mindanao

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