Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - New mom at 25

Today is Nostalgic Thursday; I want to share something that most moms could relate to my story. I was 25 years old when I gave birth to my first son. I never had an experience on how to take care of a baby. While I was still at the hospital, the midwives taught us on how to bathe the baby. It was a great relief to me because if nobody will teach me on how to bath a newly born baby, I wouldn't try to bath my baby all by myself. I will wait until he is big enough to hold. Lol. When we got home, I was so happy but at the same time scared to take care of him. There were times that I and my husband (ex- now) were arguing things about the baby. We were both didn't have any experience on taking care of a baby.

When the baby cried and didn't stop from crying, even if he was not hungry, not even wet, I will cry too and the worst was, I cried louder than my son. Lol. There was a time also that I want to throw him to the window because he never stops crying. He wanted me to carry him all night, and whenever I tried to put him down because I thought he was sleeping already, he will shout on top of his lungs, as if there were nails on the bed. Grrrrr.

When he was more than a year and got sick, he doesn't like to take any medicine. He will push the spoon with his tongue or blow the medicine out to his mouth. We did a lot of tricks, so he could take his medicine. That baby is now 22 years old and has a girlfriend. I told him everything how was he when he was still a baby, and that made him laugh, and he told me that he won’t get to marry early because he is scared if his baby is like him ha ha. Opps! sorry guys, no photo of him. He doesn't like to post his photo here.

Anyhow, thanks to Pretty Rose for hosting this meme every Thursday. Don't forget to visit her for more Nostalgic entries.