Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's my brother's birthday!

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Today is my brother's birthday. Every year they had a little celebration with his family in Canada. My SIL will just send all their pictures there, but today, there is no celebration at home even just a little. My SIL was rushed to the hospital a few days ago. She was alone at home when she felt something strange on her stomach. The feeling was getting worst until she couldn't stand anymore.

Luckily, my brother called her, and as soon as he heard his wife telling him to call an ambulance, and he also noticed the trembling voice, my brother called an ambulance right away. It just a matter of few minutes, she will be gone, the doctor said. The tumor in her ovary blew up inside her stomach, and she suffered from internal bleeding. Anyway, my brother called last night, and he told us that his wife is okay now, but they are still at the hospital. So, today, there will be no celebration, but they will have a Thanksgiving when they go home.

My brother and his wife Tanya.