Sunday, May 22, 2011

iPhone and Calamay

My cousin came over just to ask if my mother got back from Bohol because she asked my mother to buy what we called “kalamay or calamay”, a product in Bohol. Calamay is a sweet concoction of ground sticky rice, sugar, vanilla, coconut milk. It is sold in smooth coconut shells that are sealed shut by a characteristic band of red tape. We talked a couple of hours until she was called by her mother. We’re just a neighbor anyway, so she went home when she heard that her mom calling at her. I didn’t know that she left her iPhone at the cradle. My son and my niece were trying to open the iPhone. When my father saw it, he asked Janjan to give it back to his Ate Cherly. I like the iPhone of my cousin because it has an Unlock iPhone feature. I wish somebody will give me an iPhone lol. Anyway, I will continue my blog hopping later guys because I need to go to the grocery store nearby. Enjoy your weekend.