Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hoping for a Good Weather Today

The weather here today is not good, which is why my internet connection is not running so good as well. According to the weather report, we have Low Pressure Area (LPA), and we will experience scattered rains and strong winds. I am using a wireless internet modem, and whenever the weather is not good, the connection would definitely give me headaches. It started last night, and until now, I still have trouble loading even my own sites. It took for me a couple of minutes to open the homepage of the sites that I have visited. I was chatting with my friend last night on Yahoo Messenger but we just both got irritated with the connection that I had. It took so long before I could receive his message, and I had trouble sending my message to him. So, what we did is to stop chatting, and I went early to bed. I just hope that the connection will be back to normal tonight.