Friday, May 27, 2011

A Gift From Special Friend

I have mentioned here that I received a notice from the post office last week. I picked it up on Monday afternoon. I was glad that there was no customer when I got there. It was a package from my dearest friend. When I got home, my son was so excited to open the box. My friend sent me a red lipstick (she knows that I like red lipstick), lip glosses, lotion, sexy top, sexy underwear, a black hat, candies and of course, kisses chocolates. She also sent photos of her family, and I put them all to my photo books. Jason and Janjan were enjoying the chocolates. The good thing was that the chocolates and some candies didn't melt, although it was not really looked like fresh from the store. When I read the stamp, I feel so badly when I saw the shipping cost. That small box costs a lot. Well, I emailed my friend, and I thank her so much for sending those stuffs to me. Thanks again my friend.