Thursday, May 26, 2011

Forgetful Mind

PhotobucketI thought today is Friday. Why I am so hurried? Honestly, I really thought that today is Friday. We have an appointment to the doctor for my son’s circumcision on Friday at 2:00 in the afternoon. After we ate our lunch, I told Janjan to fix himself. He asked then why. I said, we have an appointment to the doctor. He was puzzled and run to the calendar, and then he picked up his cell phone. He was laughing then when he made sure that today is Thursday and not Friday. My son told me that my memory loss attacks again. Lol

I could remember when we were still in Manila, and I only had one child at that time. While I was walking on the street, I have met the other woman of my husband (ex now). Instead of giving her a furious look, I smiled at her, and I say “hi”. Darn, why did I do that? It was too late for me to remember that she was the other woman of my husband. When I got home, I was terribly mad of myself..waaaaa…why I am so forgetful. I have always told myself that if I will meet in any place one of my husband’s other women, I will grab their hair, give them a flying kick, and remove their clothes, etc. etc. grrr. But because of my forgetful mind, I missed the chance to do all the things that I have said. My friend laughed at me when she learned about what had happened when I met that darn woman. She told me then that I am just a type of person that never kept a hatred feeling to anybody in my heart.