Saturday, May 7, 2011

Document Storage

While segregating our personal documents like insurance policies of my parents, medical records of my father, land titles, and our birth certificates, I was thinking to store it in a safety box in the bank. I am the one who kept these documents because my mother doesn't like to keep it, and she is scared if by the time we need to get these papers, but she couldn't find it. I wonder if we have a company here like wincanton records management UK where you can store your documents safely, and the main objective of this company is to keep all your documents, records, and even electronic media. I know banks have this kind of services. You will just choose your mode of payments. We have done this a couple of years ago, but when mother sold her property in her hometown, we got out the documents from the bank, and we returned the safety box key to them. Well, I will ask my mother first if it is okay if we will just store it in the bank.