Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boating is Fun

When I got up from the bed this morning, the sun was not shining. It rained actually very early in the morning that is why the clouds were dark. I headed to the kitchen and made my coffee but my eyes were still half open. I asked Jason to buy pandesal (bread) for breakfast. When Jason got back from the bakeshop, he told me that we were invited by our neighbor to go on swimming. I asked what the occasion is. Well, it was a birthday of my friend’s father, and we are all invited, but they want us to bring our rubber boat.

All of them went to the beach. It was my father, who brought the rubber boat to the beach, and I was left alone at home, but my father didn’t stay longer to the beach. He got back home earlier. I was glad that he went home early for I can now go to the beach also. We can’t leave the house without anybody at home because our place is not safe for thieves. Anyway, when I got there at the beach, it was a high tide, and they didn't use the rubber boat because of the big waves. They rather rent a boat from Royalls Boatyard. My sons and their friends were enjoying the boat. I was the one who got scared because of the big waves. It was almost dark when we decided to go home.