Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doctor's Negligence

The sister of my SIL has been looking for zoloft lawsuit because one of her children was a victim of a medicine that has dreadful side effects. On the other hand, my SIL was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago. She suffered an internal bleeding due to a cyst on her ovary. The small cyst blew up inside, and it caused her to be collapsed and had that internal bleeding. If she wasn't operated right away, that might be the end of her life. Luckily, she was saved by the great doctors.

Before it had happened, she was already complaining about a tummy disorder. She took a medicine for stomach ache, and it helps a little. She went back to the doctor, got examined again and had an x-ray but the doctor didn't see anything strange on her stomach. So, she just continued taking the doctor’s prescribing medicine until she got this internal bleeding. Right now, they are suing the doctor who did the examination because she failed to identify the real illness of my SIL.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Monday - Native Hats

I was watching this man making the native hat. His hands were so quick to pull and push the materials of the hat. In less than an hour, he finished one hat.

The finish product.

Smiling Sally

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Blogs Next Week

Next week, I probably have another blogs. Yeah, you read it right. Two more blogs sponsored by my dearest friend. Sorry guys, I won’t mention the name because she doesn't want to be mentioned it here. The first blog is all about a home like home or interior designing, decoration, planning, or buying Modern Furniture while the other one is all about general essentials at home. I just wish that I won’t disappoint my friend for trusting me to continue her blogs. She has the reason why she decided to give these blogs to me, and I am sure, sooner or later, she will post it on her blog. Anyway, I will do my blog hopping later for I want to watch first the “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”. See you later guys.

Happy Birthday Junsky

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First, I want to greet Junsky, a happy, happy birthday today. Thank you so much for inviting us on your birthday, and I am sorry for calling you “Kuya”. I now know that I am older than you, lol. Anyway, thanks for the food that we had, the drinks (San Meg Light) you bought just for me, thank you for the fun you have given to us today. I wish you good health, as always, and more apos (grandchildren) to come.

Boating is Fun

When I got up from the bed this morning, the sun was not shining. It rained actually very early in the morning that is why the clouds were dark. I headed to the kitchen and made my coffee but my eyes were still half open. I asked Jason to buy pandesal (bread) for breakfast. When Jason got back from the bakeshop, he told me that we were invited by our neighbor to go on swimming. I asked what the occasion is. Well, it was a birthday of my friend’s father, and we are all invited, but they want us to bring our rubber boat.

All of them went to the beach. It was my father, who brought the rubber boat to the beach, and I was left alone at home, but my father didn’t stay longer to the beach. He got back home earlier. I was glad that he went home early for I can now go to the beach also. We can’t leave the house without anybody at home because our place is not safe for thieves. Anyway, when I got there at the beach, it was a high tide, and they didn't use the rubber boat because of the big waves. They rather rent a boat from Royalls Boatyard. My sons and their friends were enjoying the boat. I was the one who got scared because of the big waves. It was almost dark when we decided to go home.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink Balloons

This was taken at the entertainment area at SM Mall. If I could remember, there was a free activity for kids ages 2 to 8 years old. I went inside and I saw kids, boys and girls, were having their physical fitness. They were so cute wearing a proper outfit for exercise. I took some photos but not the kids because I was too far from them, and I am only using a digital camera.

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A Gift From Special Friend

I have mentioned here that I received a notice from the post office last week. I picked it up on Monday afternoon. I was glad that there was no customer when I got there. It was a package from my dearest friend. When I got home, my son was so excited to open the box. My friend sent me a red lipstick (she knows that I like red lipstick), lip glosses, lotion, sexy top, sexy underwear, a black hat, candies and of course, kisses chocolates. She also sent photos of her family, and I put them all to my photo books. Jason and Janjan were enjoying the chocolates. The good thing was that the chocolates and some candies didn't melt, although it was not really looked like fresh from the store. When I read the stamp, I feel so badly when I saw the shipping cost. That small box costs a lot. Well, I emailed my friend, and I thank her so much for sending those stuffs to me. Thanks again my friend.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Forgetful Mind

PhotobucketI thought today is Friday. Why I am so hurried? Honestly, I really thought that today is Friday. We have an appointment to the doctor for my son’s circumcision on Friday at 2:00 in the afternoon. After we ate our lunch, I told Janjan to fix himself. He asked then why. I said, we have an appointment to the doctor. He was puzzled and run to the calendar, and then he picked up his cell phone. He was laughing then when he made sure that today is Thursday and not Friday. My son told me that my memory loss attacks again. Lol

I could remember when we were still in Manila, and I only had one child at that time. While I was walking on the street, I have met the other woman of my husband (ex now). Instead of giving her a furious look, I smiled at her, and I say “hi”. Darn, why did I do that? It was too late for me to remember that she was the other woman of my husband. When I got home, I was terribly mad of myself..waaaaa…why I am so forgetful. I have always told myself that if I will meet in any place one of my husband’s other women, I will grab their hair, give them a flying kick, and remove their clothes, etc. etc. grrr. But because of my forgetful mind, I missed the chance to do all the things that I have said. My friend laughed at me when she learned about what had happened when I met that darn woman. She told me then that I am just a type of person that never kept a hatred feeling to anybody in my heart.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to School Again.

In a few weeks’ times, our kids will be back at school. I know some of them are not yet ready to go back at school. My niece who will be on her first grade this school year is not excited to go to school. On the other hand, my son cannot wait for the class opening because he missed his classmates, the canteen and the gym. He also missed the children’s playroom at the school for there are lots of educational childrens toys inside the playroom. On Monday, I will go to their school for the enrollment. I wish the weather is good because we are now having a bad weather since last week.

S is for.....

It's ABC Wednesday time again. We are now on letter "S".

So, S.....is for salad, siopao, spaghetti, strawberry ice cream and siomai.

Siopao is a Filipino steamed bun with meat filling. Traditionally, the two kinds of siopao are asado and bola-bola. Asado siopao is made with pork or beef cooked in soy sauce and seasonings. Bola-bola siopao is made with pork and Chinese sausage, which are baked with egg and flour. The dough is made from rice flour. Asado is the most popular kind, and can be found in the Philippines at both street vendors and restaurants. The convenience of being able to eat this dish with one hand is part of its appeal.

Siomai is similar to a meatball made of shrimp or pork or a combination of these, wrapped in thin pasta like wrapper called the molo wrapper. This is steamed for several minutes to be cooked and is always served with soy sauce, chili garlic and calamansi (lemon).

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

I was looking for a photo that I can share for Ruby Tuesday Meme. Luckily, I have found this one. If I am not mistaken, it was displayed on Valentine's Day at the mall. So, for today's meme, this is my entry. It's bunny and his big red heart. Isn't he cute?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Baking Lesson

One of the things that I wanted to learn, but I never had a chance to learn from it is baking. I got envious whenever my aunt, sometimes my cousin gave me the cake or cookies they made. I already have Bakeware set which I bought a long time ago, but it has never been used because I don’t know how to bake yet. I have planned to enroll a baking lesson. I have been searching for this here in our place, and I found a school that has Baking Lesson. I supposed to enroll a few months back, but the time they had given to me was in the evening, and I don’t like evening session, so I told them that I will just come back if there is an afternoon session available. Right now, I haven’t been checking the school yet if they have the afternoon session now. I might call them one of these days.

Puppy for sale.

Jason wanted to buy this cute puppy. His classmate offered it to him a few days ago. Janjan was so excited when he learned that his big brother will buy this very cute puppy. He is so cute, isn't he? Well, I wish this is not yet sold because it has been a few days now since Jason's classmate offered it to him.

Back To School So Soon

I have heard from my brother this morning that today is the first day of the parents to report at the school to check the classroom of the children, and for those who have not been getting the report card of their kids yet, this is the time that they can get it from their previous teacher. I want to go to the school now, but I need to wait for the man from my internet service provider for I asked a replacement of cisco switches. The company promised to come today that is why I can’t go out, and I need to wait for them. I wish they will come early and fix all my switches quickly so I can still have time to go to the school. Anyway, if the repairmen can’t make it quick, I can go tomorrow at the school. The school is open for one week just for the parents.

We love siopao and siomai

How are you everyone? How was your weekend? Ours was fine although boring because I just stayed at home, watched the movie, but I didn't finish it because there was no junk food to enjoy.lol

Anyway, when Janjan and I visited my cousin's house, which is 30 to 45 minutes drive from our place, we dropped at this fast food chain before getting another rides going to the village. We bought "siopao" and "siomai" so we can have snacks when we get there at the house.



Smiling Sally
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jan at MOA

My son when we were in Manila last year. I took this photo at Mall of Asia (MOA). We had so much fun when we were there. This was actually at the back of MOA and facing to the bay side. For the Shadow Shot Sunday, this is my entry for today.

Enjoy your weekend!

iPhone and Calamay

My cousin came over just to ask if my mother got back from Bohol because she asked my mother to buy what we called “kalamay or calamay”, a product in Bohol. Calamay is a sweet concoction of ground sticky rice, sugar, vanilla, coconut milk. It is sold in smooth coconut shells that are sealed shut by a characteristic band of red tape. We talked a couple of hours until she was called by her mother. We’re just a neighbor anyway, so she went home when she heard that her mom calling at her. I didn’t know that she left her iPhone at the cradle. My son and my niece were trying to open the iPhone. When my father saw it, he asked Janjan to give it back to his Ate Cherly. I like the iPhone of my cousin because it has an Unlock iPhone feature. I wish somebody will give me an iPhone lol. Anyway, I will continue my blog hopping later guys because I need to go to the grocery store nearby. Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 9: Rain

1. It's Spring, grilling begins! If you plan a picnic, do you bow out if it rains?
Ans: No way. I would rather like to sleep.

2. Do you prefer food grilled on a charcoal or gas grill?
Ans: The food is good if you use charcoal.

3. We're at the first grilling picnic. What's your meat order?
Ans: Porterhouse I guess.

4. What side dishes do you want?
Ans: Fruit Salad.

5. Now, where do prefer to eat: at the picnic table or inside?
Ans: Picnic table.

6. You were asked to bring a dish. What do you bring?
Ans: Macaroni salad, mango float.

7. Does it bother you to have citronella candles burning if you are eating or cooking outside?
Ans: What is citronella candles? Is that a scented candles?

8. What fellow bloggers do you want to meet at the picnic?
Ans: Those who love to eat.

9. Does there need to be a pool at the picnic, your choice?
Ans: Pool, much better.

I want to relax.

Oh world, I don’t know what to write today. I was sitting this morning in front of the computer, and my fingers were on the keyboard, but my mind was blank. Last night, I wasn't able to sleep early because my wisdom tooth gave me a headache again. I took some medicine and I was glad that it helps a lot. As soon as I got up from the bed this morning, I headed to the kitchen and had my coffee. Janjan was complaining with his teeth also, fortunately, my niece has a medicine for toothache. Now, I am tired after doing my laundry. I wish I could have a holiday in Gites in France,or indulge myself in a spa, but I know these are all impossible because I am not rich. I have no money for all those things. Anyway, it’s time for me to cook for dinner, but I don’t know yet what to prepare for tonight. So, see you later guys.

Pink Lovely Flowers

I saw this lovely flower on the side of the road near to our house. I guess the owner abandoned this flower. I have tried to check the flower pot if it is okay, and I will bring this in our home, but the roots stick to the grounds already, so it might die if I will pull it. I have no idea the name of this flower, but I guess, it belongs to calachuchi’s family for it has similar leaves and branches.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Door to Door Delivery

Every Christmas my brother always sent us a box of goodies, gifts and more as Christmas presents to all of us here. We called this box as "Balikbayan box". We couldn't wait to cut the Printed Tape on it, so we can see what our gifts are. Do you know how long we could receive the box from Canada? My brother sent it in December, but we will receive it in February. Yeah, that’s right. It took two months before we could receive the box. And this afternoon, I received a notice from the post office that I have a mail, or parcel. I have no idea on what is it because it is just my name, address and where to claim the said mail. So, on Monday, I wish the weather is good, I will claim whatever it is, but I am certain that it is not from my brother in Canada. I wish they also include the sender’s name to the notice.

Friday Fill-Ins

And...here we go!

1. I see the dark clouds ready to pour again.

2. I asked Janjan to scratch my back.

3. They begin to sing and yell when the rain stops pouring.

4. I should have known it so many years earlier.

5. This I know: that my mother will never like me as a daughter. She will never be happy if she sees me happy.

6. I want a chicken bar-b-que for dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include laundry I guess and Sunday, I want to relax.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Boardmate

Have you tried to live in a dormitory or a boarding house? When I was in college, I was a working student. I worked in Paranaque City while my school was in Manila. Gladly, the dormitory was just one block away from my school. I had a board mate whom I was not able to talk for a couple of months because I left at the dorm as early as 6:00 o’clock in the morning, and I got back at 9:30 p.m., while my board mate worked at the casino in the evening, so, when I left at the dorm, she was still sleeping, and when I got home, she wasn’t there anymore.

We were both off on Sundays, but she had to go home with her family on her day off because she has a daughter. For a couple of months, we were always like that and never bothered or had a chance to talk with each other. When it was a Quaipo day, our landlady prepared a little party. We were all invited. Finally, we were able to smile to each other while getting our food, we headed to the same table, and then we talked. We had a good laugh because we have been living in the same room, but we were not able to talk because of our schedules. I was glad when she told me that she’s from Bohol because my mother is also from Bohol. Before we went back to our room, we have learned that we were relatives although not close because her grandmother and my grandmother are 1st degree cousins, that our great-grandparents are sisters. A few weeks later, I brought her to my aunt (my mom's sis), and we were able to meet her parents too. Anyway, she marries an American and she’s now living in Texas. Miss you Nenette Tucker.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Italy, A Great Place to Visit.

We have a neighbor who has children living in Italy for a decade now. When their children visited here in our place last Christmas, they brought rosaries from the Vatican City and gave it to our catholic neighbors. Aside from the rosaries, they also brought beautiful postcards and lots of pictures. I so love their pictures. The places that they have been visited were amazingly beautiful. If I am given a chance to visit a place outside my country, or if I won the jackpot prize in a lottery, I would like to visit Italy, particularly in Sardinia, and I will just book a self catering sardinia. Of course, I want to go there with my family. Anyway, that's enough. I should buy first a ticket from lotto and wishing that I will hit the million jackpot prize.

Rabbit in a Cage

R is for....Rabbit

I found this rabbit at the pet shop here in our place. I just don't know if this is a male or female rabbit. I guess you can't tell if they are male or female if you don't check the bottom. Anyway, don't forget to visit ABC Wednesday host. I am sure there are more beautiful entries again today.

A Wedding Song for my friend's daughter.

Our old neighbor surprised me this morning. They left here in our place only last year. They have a 17 years old daughter and a 14 years old son. The mother went to the Middle East and work as a nanny to an Arabic family. It was the father who takes good care of their children. The children went to school while the father works as a jeepney driver. And this morning, I was surprised that the mother and daughter came over just to borrow my VCD’s Wedding Songs. I was not surprised with the wedding songs they needed. I was surprised with the big tummy of the daughter. Chin-chin is pregnant. I feel sad because she’s too young to get marry, but she’s already pregnant. I just wish that, even if they are still young, I wish they are matured enough to handle a family.

Good Night World

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Oh I am so sleepy now world, so I will just continue the blog hopping tomorrow. Anyway, have you heard farting while sleeping? Yeah, he did it again. I heard my son farting, but he's snoring. Tsk..tsk..I wonder if he knows that he was farting while snoring. lol. What a nice sound of the night! So cute and so funny. Bye! Bye!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

International names of cottages.

I have mentioned from my other blog that Jason went on a night swimming last night with his friends. A week before the said swimming, he and one of his friends went to the place to get a reservation for the cottage. Jason told me that he likes the names of every cottage because it named to European country like holiday cottages devon, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and more. And on the other side of the resort, they named their cottages with Philippine provinces and the designs of the cottages are also made of native products like the bamboos and nipa hut. Well, since Jason got home early in the morning, he sleeps all day today.

A Come Back Contest

Beyond Crypticness hold a Come Back Contest for Philippine bloggers only which will end on May 29, 2011. The mechanics are so simple. This is not a big contest, but the price is enough for a Family size super cheezy pizza. The host objective is to gain more friends here on the blogosphere. So, if you are residing here in the Philippines, you can join this contest. For more information and mechanics of the contest, just click the link that I have provided.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue/Mellow Yellow Monday

Another week has begun. I just wish that heavy rains won't come this week. Tonight, Jason and his friends will have a beach party near to our place. They reserved a cottage the other day. I just wish that rains won't come, or else they will be freezing to the bones, and won't be able to enjoy the night.

Anyway, its time for our Monday meme, so here are the photos that were taken a few months ago. There was a show at the back of SM Mall Davao, and there were celebrities invited on that day. My nephew was just standing in front of the stage because he wanted to see in person his super crush Maja Salvador, an actress and a great dancer.

We were standing beside the stage, and I noticed this group of people wearing blue shirts. I guess they are the employee of the organizer of this show, so I took them pictures while they were standing near to us.

Smiling Sally MellowYellowMondayBadge

Back To School So Soon.

A few weeks hereafter, the students will be back at school. The parents will be busy again buying all the school stuffs for their children like the school uniforms, socks, shoes, notebooks, bags, lunch box, t-shirt and a lot more. I have plans to buy things for Janjan next week because I don’t like to shop when parents are also running for their children school stuffs. It would be better to shop earlier than doing it when everybody is rushing. I would also like to visit the t-shirt printing shop just across the school of Janjan to check if we can now order for a t-shirt with school logo. I am glad I don’t need to buy a new bag for Janjan because the old one is still okay, and it doesn't look old.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

While I was typing this, I heard my son watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Philippine edition, and hosted by Vic Sotto. The contestants were kids, and so the questions were not really hard on the first five questions. I heard Janjan answering the questions too. I smiled when he answered it correctly.

Anyway, last Sunday, I wasn't able to join this meme because of my very slow internet connection. I am glad that after the storm, the connection is back to normal.

And here's my entry for today.

Its 3rdy, my nephew, my son's favorite cousin.

Flowers and Plants Stalls

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Technology

When it comes to efficient heating and air conditioning, and high quality solar thermal systems and water heaters for home and offices, Bosch Thermotechnology is the leading provider in the United States. The company announced recently about the rebranding of its FHP residential line of geothermal heat pumps to the Bosch brand name because the FHP residential line of geothermal heat pumps is now under the Bosch brand name. There would be three product families on the new line of high efficiency geothermal heat pumps. These are Geo 1000, 3000 and 6000.

Bosch Geo series high efficiency heat pumps

The Geothermal Heating from Bosch Thermotech is the most environmentally friendly way for cooling and heating your home because the system has no carbon dioxide emissions or any unpleasant effects that could harm to the environment.Bosch’s technology could also help to reduce your energy bills for heating, cooling and hot water up to 70% because of the more efficient operation compared to conventional systems. Since the Bosch’s technology is flexible, the systems allow you to heat or cool your home and provide you a greater comfort without the hot spots from a conventional system. It can recover “waste” heat from the compressor to heat the water virtually for free, thus, it gives you extra savings in your hot water bill. The Bosch unit is manufactured with high quality standards to ensure the high efficient operation over the life of the unit.

Toy Cars

Janjan was busy cleaning and arranging his toy cars today. His big brother instructed him to clean all his toys, put it in the box, or give it to their little cousin if he doesn’t like to play it anymore. He has six Remote Control Cars but there is only one that is not battery operated. The five toy cars are battery operated, which is why, it is very seldom he could play with it because it needs six batteries per toy car. Janjan was planning to give at least one of his remote control cars to his little cousin, and he wants to give the smallest toy car. Well, if he would ask me, I want to give it all to his cousin because I got annoyed every time I saw his toys scattered on the floor. It would be great if he could give it all. I wish he will decide later to give these toys to Thirdy, his little cousin.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday 9: My Best Friend's Wedding

1. Have you ever lost a friend after he/she got married?
Ans: Yes, because they move far from our place and computer or cell phone was not yet introduced at that time.

2. Do you make friends easily?
Ans: Not really but I entertained new friends.

3. Do you have many close friends?
Ans: Not so many.

4. Tell us about your oldest friend.
Ans: I feel so sad for her because she has lung cancer now. She smoked since we were teenagers, and when she got married, she started to drink hard liquor. Despite our advices to her, she never listened.

5. Tell us about your newest friend.
Ans: I have lots of new friends online and haven't met them yet in person, but I have met one of them, and she's no other than Vernz, a very smart person. A mother of three smart kids, loving wife and a disappointed DIL. (Vernz, peace be with you! lol.)

6. Do you hang out with your friends often, or just occasionally when you can find time?
Ans: Yes, only when we have free time to go out.

7. What's the furthest you've traveled to visit (or vacation with, etc.) a friend?
Ans: I almost tour the whole Luzon with my friends. We’ve been to Cebu and Bohol also.

8. What's the biggest or best thing a friend has ever done for you?
Ans: Taking care of me when I was sick, comforted me when I had problems.

9. What's the worst or most hurtful thing that a friend (or an ex-friend) has done to you?
Ans: So far, none, and I hope no one would do that to me.

Home Lighting

One of the most important objects in every home is the lighting. In every room in our home, we need to put some lights that could help us see during night time. Not long ago, while I was surfing on the net, I have found an online lighting store. I explored myself to the site, and I was stunned with the products that they have. The company’s designer has a wide range of ideas when designing their products. The amazing beauty of the chandeliers could make a modern home more attractive.

They have modern contemporary lighting like for ceiling, floor lamps, desk lamps, outdoor lighting, and chandeliers, to name a few. The designs are elegant and, even if you own a very simple home, those lights could make your home more attractive to your visitors. I saw a bathroom lighting fixture, and the designs and styles are perfect for all types of bathroom’s design and size. When you go on shopping, you can easily get what you want by clicking which part of the house would you like to have a new lighting, which style you like, or shop for brands. I checked the status of the store, and I have learned that this store has been in the lighting business industry for more than 20 years, which means, they maintained a good standing with their customers.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm tired...

I don’t know what to share for our nostalgic meme today. I am not feeling good. I have tasks waiting for me, but I am not in the mood to write it as of this moment. I feel so tired, and I know why I feel this way today. Last night, I have been working on my cPanel because Dhemz, gave me a blog with domain (Muah!), and I wanted to add this to my web host. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to add this new blog because it was so hard to create a password on cPanel. I used the generated password, but I couldn’t get at least 1% safe rate, and this is one of the requirements when adding a domain. I was so frustrated last night. I went to bed around 2:00 in the morning with a bad mood. Now, I am trying to do it again, and I wish I could get the 1% safe rate password today. Wish me luck guys.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Native Accessories

Just found this photo from my folder. I guess it was taken last Christmas or Davao Day at the mall when there was an exhibit for Mindanao native products. Since today if Tuesday, it’s time to post our red photos, and this is my entry for today. I am not so fond of these native accessories like necklace, bracelet, belt, and earrings that are made of beads. I like the one that is made of shells. My brother and his wife bought these native accessories when they were here and gave it to their friends and family as their presents to them. They also bought some souvenirs like mugs with a Philippine Flag printed on it, the funny ash tray, funny because the handle of this ash tray is a pe_ _ s of a big man. Anyway, don’t forget to visit the host of this meme for more beautiful red entries today.

Products of Mindanao

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Topamax should not be taken for a pregnant woman.

I have never heard about topamax lawsuit until I read an article about a pregnant woman who had been taking Topamax, which has the generic name of Topiramate. She was taking Topamax for her migraine and had no idea that she was pregnant at that time. When she gave birth to her child, the child has a cleft lip. So, if you know somebody who had been taking this medicine during pregnancy and gave birth to a defected child, call your attorney at once because you have the right to ask for a settlement from the manufacturer of this medication.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Monday - Softy Ice Cream

A few days ago, Janjan and I went to the mall. We watched a movie and before we headed to the movie theater, he bought this softy ice cream. He loves this softy ice cream so much and whenever we were at the mall, this is the first thing he will be looking at. Anyway, this is my entry for today. Pls. visit Sally for more Blue Monday’s participants.

By the way, I know some of you are in panic now. I am glad that I visited RyHeAnne today, and she posted on how to make a post on Blogspot since the post page right now is not working. Here's how she did it. I followed it and it works.

Go to SETTING - BASIC - scroll down and look for SELECT POST EDITOR and choose OLD EDITOR.

Smiling Sally

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manny Pacquaio did it again!

I went to a nearby store this morning, and there was a store that has been full of people outside. Some were sitting and some were standing. When I read the banner, I learned that the store has the satellite connections and with that, they can watch Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mostley fight. I want to see inside how they could watch but the Wooden Blinds covers the glass wall. I guess it was full inside that is why there were people waiting outside. Well, the fight was over and Manny Pacquiao won again on a unanimous decision. I could remember that Mostley said, “It’s going to get very interesting and very quick”. It wasn't quick because it reached to the last round. Anyway, Manny Pacquiao guaranteed to have a $20 Million prize, plus his share for pay per view, which could possibly reach to $1.5 Million. Wow! I wish he will share that money to the poor (including me- wink). Well, congratulations Congressman Manny Pacquiao. Congratulations to the people of the Philippines.

Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. Today is our day, so I wish you all the best in your family.

Anyway, I am watching Pacquio-Mostley fight on TV. I know Manny won again through Yahoo's news, but I want to see the fight, so I'll be back blogging after the fight.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Document Storage

While segregating our personal documents like insurance policies of my parents, medical records of my father, land titles, and our birth certificates, I was thinking to store it in a safety box in the bank. I am the one who kept these documents because my mother doesn't like to keep it, and she is scared if by the time we need to get these papers, but she couldn't find it. I wonder if we have a company here like wincanton records management UK where you can store your documents safely, and the main objective of this company is to keep all your documents, records, and even electronic media. I know banks have this kind of services. You will just choose your mode of payments. We have done this a couple of years ago, but when mother sold her property in her hometown, we got out the documents from the bank, and we returned the safety box key to them. Well, I will ask my mother first if it is okay if we will just store it in the bank.

Hoping for a Good Weather Today

The weather here today is not good, which is why my internet connection is not running so good as well. According to the weather report, we have Low Pressure Area (LPA), and we will experience scattered rains and strong winds. I am using a wireless internet modem, and whenever the weather is not good, the connection would definitely give me headaches. It started last night, and until now, I still have trouble loading even my own sites. It took for me a couple of minutes to open the homepage of the sites that I have visited. I was chatting with my friend last night on Yahoo Messenger but we just both got irritated with the connection that I had. It took so long before I could receive his message, and I had trouble sending my message to him. So, what we did is to stop chatting, and I went early to bed. I just hope that the connection will be back to normal tonight.

Looking for Window Blinds.

Honestly, for some reasons, my mother doesn't like the roller blinds, but since it helps to prevent the rays of the sun entering to her store, she just let the blinds hang in front of the store. We did some shopping not so long ago for blinds, but we couldn’t find the exact measurement of her store windows. The only available style that we found was the roller blinds. I like the color and design of the blinds, but mother has trouble when folding the blinds, that’s why she is planning to buy other blinds that is easy to operate with. Anyway, I’ve done visiting some of my commentators today, and I will continue this tonight for I need to lay down on the bed. I took a medicine for toothache and hoping it will be gone so soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - New mom at 25

Today is Nostalgic Thursday; I want to share something that most moms could relate to my story. I was 25 years old when I gave birth to my first son. I never had an experience on how to take care of a baby. While I was still at the hospital, the midwives taught us on how to bathe the baby. It was a great relief to me because if nobody will teach me on how to bath a newly born baby, I wouldn't try to bath my baby all by myself. I will wait until he is big enough to hold. Lol. When we got home, I was so happy but at the same time scared to take care of him. There were times that I and my husband (ex- now) were arguing things about the baby. We were both didn't have any experience on taking care of a baby.

When the baby cried and didn't stop from crying, even if he was not hungry, not even wet, I will cry too and the worst was, I cried louder than my son. Lol. There was a time also that I want to throw him to the window because he never stops crying. He wanted me to carry him all night, and whenever I tried to put him down because I thought he was sleeping already, he will shout on top of his lungs, as if there were nails on the bed. Grrrrr.

When he was more than a year and got sick, he doesn't like to take any medicine. He will push the spoon with his tongue or blow the medicine out to his mouth. We did a lot of tricks, so he could take his medicine. That baby is now 22 years old and has a girlfriend. I told him everything how was he when he was still a baby, and that made him laugh, and he told me that he won’t get to marry early because he is scared if his baby is like him ha ha. Opps! sorry guys, no photo of him. He doesn't like to post his photo here.

Anyhow, thanks to Pretty Rose for hosting this meme every Thursday. Don't forget to visit her for more Nostalgic entries.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ABC Wednesday - P is for..........

P is for.....Pillows

When the computer is not working, or the electricity went off, brownout, blackout, etc., the house would definitely neat and clean. lol Pillows are well-arranged.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's my brother's birthday!

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Today is my brother's birthday. Every year they had a little celebration with his family in Canada. My SIL will just send all their pictures there, but today, there is no celebration at home even just a little. My SIL was rushed to the hospital a few days ago. She was alone at home when she felt something strange on her stomach. The feeling was getting worst until she couldn't stand anymore.

Luckily, my brother called her, and as soon as he heard his wife telling him to call an ambulance, and he also noticed the trembling voice, my brother called an ambulance right away. It just a matter of few minutes, she will be gone, the doctor said. The tumor in her ovary blew up inside her stomach, and she suffered from internal bleeding. Anyway, my brother called last night, and he told us that his wife is okay now, but they are still at the hospital. So, today, there will be no celebration, but they will have a Thanksgiving when they go home.

My brother and his wife Tanya.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Top Commentators in April

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Hi everyone. I would like to say Thank You to all my commentators, thank you for the support you have given for my blog. Thank you so much for leaving your footprints here, and I hope you won’t get tired of visiting my blogs.

Anyhow, I just want to acknowledge my top 10 commentators for the month of April.

Vernz 20

Anne 20

Dhemz 19

Mel Cole 18

Chubskulit 17

Chie Wilks 13

Mona 11

Vhen 7

Bingkee 7

Ms. Burrito 6

Hope to see you again this month guys! Muahh!