Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tattoos: Gift or Bane?

Angelina Jolie
Most people look at tattoos and belong to one side of the spectrum of opinions: it’s either they like tattoos or they hate them. A tattoo, having been part of our society for a long time, way before a belt was worn for its value as an accessory rather than as an improver of fit, is a topic that’s notorious for starting debates. Is a tattoo a beautiful form of self-expression, a committed gift to yourself to make your body even more beautiful, or an ignorant form of self-transformation, one that scars the body for life?

In the world of fashion, it is not only the clothes and the accessories that matter. Other than the shoes you choose or the earrings you wear with that blouse, a tattoo that peeks out of your sleeve can very well influence your overall look. So, are tattoos classifiable as a way to accessorize, something that can be categorized under “fashion”, or are they merely a practice of independence of thought, duly categorized under “passion”?

Even celebrities who have been known as fashion icons have their say about tattoos. Many fashion icons sport their own tats, gamely supporting the idea that tattoos are art. And then there are the celebs who feel that tattoos are way too permanent and would only be a source of regret in the years to come. If you were to be asked, which side would you be on?

Regardless of what side you are on, tattoos would have crossed your mind one way or another. If Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, or Angelina Jolie belong to your roster of fashion icons, you would have noticed how their tats change how a dress looks. Whether you see them as pretty or dirty, one thing is for sure: they do influence how you can pull off an ensemble.

Megan Fox

If you love tattoos, you can always don clothes that help highlight your tats. But if you hate the idea of permanent ink on your skin, perhaps you can fake it – and choose clothes that feature skin art in a way that looks like the real thing. Whatever side you’re on, remember that in the world of beautiful clothes and ingenious designers, there is a general democracy. Tattoo or not, you can always make your mark in fashion.

Victoria Beckham

*This article was written by Alma Jones, a physician on leave who now writes full time. She is also writing about a ix web hosting promo code and gotomeeting discount codes.