Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Fire Truck

Have you seen a very small fire truck? Well, when I went to the post office a couple of days ago, I saw this small fire truck outside the Barangay Hall. I found it cute, so the snapper was very quick to grab her camera from her bag and took a couple of shots. There were people watching me while I was taking a picture. When I was done, a man approached me and asked why I took pictures of the fire truck. I told him about blogging, and he was excited then because they still need a complete gear for their firemen. He was asking if I could help him by asking my readers if they know somebody who could donate a used fireman’s gear. There was no budget yet for their uniforms like helmet, belt, boots, etc. So, In behalf of Mr. Renante Luna, the head of the Fire Team in Barangay 75-A, Matina Crossing, Davao City, I wish I could ask you guys a used fireman’s gear. If you have, and you are willing to donate it, just send me a message, so we could talk on where to send those gears.

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