Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - Missing her a lot.

Today is the birth date of my loving Aunt, the younger sister of my mother, but she’s gone, and she joined our creator for almost a decade now. She died from a cancer. I was in great sadness when she died for she was a mother to me and not an aunt. She sent me to the school, and I was living in their house until I graduated from college. When I was in a primary, she gave me money for my allowance, so I can go to school everyday. I am her favorite niece maybe because I am the first niece of my aunts and uncles, the first grandchild of my grandparents from my mother’s side.

When they moved to Manila from Davao, she doesn’t want me to be left here in Davao because she knew, if they were not here, I couldn’t go to school anymore because my parents are irresponsible. My parents were glad when my aunt brought me to Manila because at least it lessened to their responsibility as parents. Sometimes I wonder if I am really their child because my mother doesn’t like me since I was a child. For 47 years of existence, she never showed me that she loves me or just even like me. (Wala syang paki-alam sa akin, mabango lang ako sa kanya if makapag bigay ako ng pera). Anyway, I am running out of tissue here for my watery eyes, so I should stop from here. This is my entry for Nostalgic Thursday hosted by Pretty Rose. I am sorry guys if I don’t have pictures of my aunt. We have lots of pictures together but I don’t have a scanner.