Friday, April 8, 2011

I shopped in a wrong time.

I was at the grocery store this afternoon for there are lots of missing items now in the kitchen. When I was there inside the store, I got irritated for they rearranged the whole place. I couldn’t get easily the things that I need to buy for I need to look for it first. Unlike the previous arrangement, I just go directly to the display racks. However, this afternoon, instead of doing it for less than an hour, it took for me a couple of hours. The canned goods were moved, shampoos and conditioner, laundry soap, plastic ware, Cookware, and even the dog and cat food was moved. The worst thing was, when I got out from the store, it rained so hard. I have waited for the rain to stop, but it seems that the rain won’t stop, so I went back inside just to buy an umbrella. What a bad day for me, isn't it?