Friday, April 15, 2011

How to stop receiving spam emails?

When I opened my computer in the morning, the first thing that I do, is to open my email. I always checked my inbox, and I also checked my spam mail box, just in case there are mails that landed to my spam mail box. Every morning I got irritated these spam mails telling me that I won a million dollars cash, some are selling Viagra, and sometimes I wanted to reply to them and telling them that hey! I am a woman; I don’t need that Viagra for I don’t have a thing that needs to stand straight. There are also other mails that landed to my spam mail box, but they are only offering services such as debt help, credit card consultant, payday loans, newsletters, and a lot more. So, every morning, I just delete these spam mails, and I wish I know how to stop them from sending those annoying emails.