Saturday, April 30, 2011

Korina Sanchez in Italy

While we were watching the Royal Wedding of the Decade yesterday, my mother was asking if Korina Sanchez Roxas went to London for the coverage of the said event. I told her that Korina was assigned in Rome, Italy for the beatification of Pope John Paul II. My mother is a number one fan of Korina, that is why, she was asking about Korina because she wasn't at her afternoon news report for a couple of days now. We also watched Korina’s report about the beatification of the late Pope, and she mentioned that there were lots of tourists and devotees visiting the place and probably will stay until the beatification has been done. I wish I was there, and I will stay at one of the Tuscany Villas because I have heard that this place is excellent for holiday.

Back to the computer.

Finally, I am back here from my computer. I was away for a couple of hours because I watched the Royal Wedding of the Century. I thought that the bride will wear a very glamorous wedding gown, but she just wore a simply and yet elegant bridal gown. She looks so lovely. While she was walking on the isle with her father, I daydream that it was me walking on the isle and my prince was waiting at the altar. Lol Well, I am happy for them. I just wish that they will be together forever and, even if they don’t know me personally, I congratulate the new couple Prince William and Princess Kate.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gain or Weight Food Supplement

My eldest son is so skinny. He’s 5 feet and 11 inches tall, but he only weighted for 110 pounds, which mean his weight is not proportioned with his height. I told him to take some Weight Gain Supplements that could help him to gain more weights. I don’t want him to become big or fat, I just want him to look firmer. Well, contrary to my son, I need weight lose supplement because I have noticed lately that, even if I watched my diet everyday, I still gain a little weight. I have no plans to be like my mother who has above the weight limits for her age and height. I did some exercise at home, and I walk at least 30 minutes a day. How about you, are you conscious with your weight?

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. I love to shop especially if the malls are on sale.

2. My niece visited us yesterday, and she gave me a big hug and a smile.

3. It's how you understand the kids when they are not in the mood.

4. If you are just giving bad news today, pls don't tell me!

5. Well, would you like to watch the royal wedding today on TV?

6. The one who would call or make a noise in the early spring are the spring peepers.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include doing the laundry and Sunday, I want to chillax, make halo-halo, and have fun in the sun.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - My Treasure

This is my little treasure. My lady friend who is living in the UK for more than a decade now gave me a set of pearl necklace and earrings in 2005. I was already separated with my ex-husband when she gave these to me. She was hoping that I could find the right man for me, thus I will wear this set on my wedding day. Apparently, this pearl set has never been used for I am still alone, and I am not like Charo Santos, or the ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who loves to wear pearls. However, I am hoping that one day this set of pearls won’t hide anymore to its nest.


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Summer Holiday in Wales?

Are you invited to witness the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton? Two days from now, the biggest dream of the two will come true. What are your plans on that day? I guess people in the world are all eyes on their TV screen. You would definitely not to move on your chair for you don’t want to miss any single details of the wedding. Aside from that significant event of the year, London is a great place to visit. If only I have big bucks in my pocket, I would also like to have a holiday somewhere in the Wales. I have read that holiday cottages in Wales are excellent. I wish I will win a jackpot price in a lottery so that my dream would be realized.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I found a lovely sofa bed.

In many ways, our bedroom is the most important part room in the house. When you retreat for the night, the last thing you want to see is your bed. If you have a very nice and comfortable bed to sleep on, then good for you, but if you are looking for Modern Beds, you can search it online. There are tons of beautiful and attractive beds on the net.

Recently, while I was doing my rounds here, I stumbled upon a site that offers a Modern Furniture. I have spent a couple of minutes to the site, and I have found a very nice and cozy Modern Sofa Beds. I have been planning to buy a bed at night and a sofa in a daytime or simply called a sofa bed, but my wallet doesn't cooperate right now. I also found this sofa bed at the mall here in our place, but the design doesn't attract me. A living room usually has to satisfy the needs of more than one individual and having a sofa bed in our living room would be a great idea. In addition, this is the area of the house most frequently seen by visitors. I wish sooner or later, I would be able to lay my back on a sofa bed while watching my favorite TV show.

ABC Wednesday - Oceanarium

O is for...........Oceanarium

This is the small Oceanarium (blend of Ocean + Aquarium) here in our place. This is an open saltwater aquarium. There are fishes exhibiting in this oceanarium, but I don't know the names of the fish except these sharks on the pictures. The small fish I guess are the food of the shark. I was waiting for the shark to gobble the small fish, but they just ignored it. I guess, they were not hungry yet when I was there. Anyway, don't miss visiting the host of ABC Wednesday today. I am sure that there are more beautiful entries around the globe.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buying a Domain Name

For a couple of days now, I have been very busy working on my new blogs. When I was still looking for a domain name, it took for me a couple of days before I got the right domain name for my newly created blogs. I was so frustrated every time I got a message that the domain name I chose was unavailable. There were few suggestions but most of it was long, and I just want a short domain name. Anyway, with the help of my friends here in the blogosphere, everything is all done now, but I still have a lot to learn because the two blogs are on Wordpress platform and both are self-hosted now. So, I am congratulating myself lol. I am also thankful that I met a new friend who has knowledge on Rank Tracking, tracking IP’s, privatizing your site, etc. She is really great. She has tons of patience on teaching me all of these things.

Ruby Tuesday - Fire Truck

Have you seen a very small fire truck? Well, when I went to the post office a couple of days ago, I saw this small fire truck outside the Barangay Hall. I found it cute, so the snapper was very quick to grab her camera from her bag and took a couple of shots. There were people watching me while I was taking a picture. When I was done, a man approached me and asked why I took pictures of the fire truck. I told him about blogging, and he was excited then because they still need a complete gear for their firemen. He was asking if I could help him by asking my readers if they know somebody who could donate a used fireman’s gear. There was no budget yet for their uniforms like helmet, belt, boots, etc. So, In behalf of Mr. Renante Luna, the head of the Fire Team in Barangay 75-A, Matina Crossing, Davao City, I wish I could ask you guys a used fireman’s gear. If you have, and you are willing to donate it, just send me a message, so we could talk on where to send those gears.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Insurance Policy

Next month, I need to renew the registration of my brother’s motorcycle. Since he is not here in our place, I am the one who will work for it, and I did it every year. Fortunately, I have a cousin who is now working at the car insurance company. He can help me to work on it because I have a little problem with the renewal of the insurance. At least, my cousin knows the renew insurance policy. Anyway, I got annoyed again this afternoon. The electric power went out while I was sitting here in front of the computer. All the work that I have been doing for a couple of hours was all gone because it was not saved yet. It was almost dark when the electricity came back. I wish it won’t happen again.

Blue Monday- Grotto of Virgin Mary

A few weeks ago, I saw my uncle working in their front yard. I had no idea what he was doing at that time, and I didn't bother to ask him too. A few days later, when it was almost done, I have learned that my uncle was making a little grotto of the Virgin Mary. I was surprised when uncle made that grotto because I thought they are going to build another house on that area. When I asked my aunt who got that idea to put a little grotto, she said, it was her. Anyway, this grotto has automatic blue lights at night, and it will automatically be turned off in the morning.

Smiling Sally
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tattoos: Gift or Bane?

Angelina Jolie
Most people look at tattoos and belong to one side of the spectrum of opinions: it’s either they like tattoos or they hate them. A tattoo, having been part of our society for a long time, way before a belt was worn for its value as an accessory rather than as an improver of fit, is a topic that’s notorious for starting debates. Is a tattoo a beautiful form of self-expression, a committed gift to yourself to make your body even more beautiful, or an ignorant form of self-transformation, one that scars the body for life?

In the world of fashion, it is not only the clothes and the accessories that matter. Other than the shoes you choose or the earrings you wear with that blouse, a tattoo that peeks out of your sleeve can very well influence your overall look. So, are tattoos classifiable as a way to accessorize, something that can be categorized under “fashion”, or are they merely a practice of independence of thought, duly categorized under “passion”?

Even celebrities who have been known as fashion icons have their say about tattoos. Many fashion icons sport their own tats, gamely supporting the idea that tattoos are art. And then there are the celebs who feel that tattoos are way too permanent and would only be a source of regret in the years to come. If you were to be asked, which side would you be on?

Regardless of what side you are on, tattoos would have crossed your mind one way or another. If Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, or Angelina Jolie belong to your roster of fashion icons, you would have noticed how their tats change how a dress looks. Whether you see them as pretty or dirty, one thing is for sure: they do influence how you can pull off an ensemble.

Megan Fox

If you love tattoos, you can always don clothes that help highlight your tats. But if you hate the idea of permanent ink on your skin, perhaps you can fake it – and choose clothes that feature skin art in a way that looks like the real thing. Whatever side you’re on, remember that in the world of beautiful clothes and ingenious designers, there is a general democracy. Tattoo or not, you can always make your mark in fashion.

Victoria Beckham

*This article was written by Alma Jones, a physician on leave who now writes full time. She is also writing about a ix web hosting promo code and gotomeeting discount codes.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins

TGIF we go!

1. Pardon me, if sometimes I couldn’t leave a comment to your blog. This is because of my very slow IC.

2. Next month, there will be a grand blogger’s meeting in CDO, I wish we could get a plane ticket that offers a good deal.

3. I was surprised to find that I really like baking.

4. Singing to my karaoke is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

5. Hi, my name is Kat and I'm a mom.

6. It is nice to swim on summer afternoons.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop and write a pending opps, tomorrow my plans include nothing and Sunday, I want to go on swimming but I am sure the beach and pool are full.

Advance Happy Easter Everyone

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - Missing her a lot.

Today is the birth date of my loving Aunt, the younger sister of my mother, but she’s gone, and she joined our creator for almost a decade now. She died from a cancer. I was in great sadness when she died for she was a mother to me and not an aunt. She sent me to the school, and I was living in their house until I graduated from college. When I was in a primary, she gave me money for my allowance, so I can go to school everyday. I am her favorite niece maybe because I am the first niece of my aunts and uncles, the first grandchild of my grandparents from my mother’s side.

When they moved to Manila from Davao, she doesn’t want me to be left here in Davao because she knew, if they were not here, I couldn’t go to school anymore because my parents are irresponsible. My parents were glad when my aunt brought me to Manila because at least it lessened to their responsibility as parents. Sometimes I wonder if I am really their child because my mother doesn’t like me since I was a child. For 47 years of existence, she never showed me that she loves me or just even like me. (Wala syang paki-alam sa akin, mabango lang ako sa kanya if makapag bigay ako ng pera). Anyway, I am running out of tissue here for my watery eyes, so I should stop from here. This is my entry for Nostalgic Thursday hosted by Pretty Rose. I am sorry guys if I don’t have pictures of my aunt. We have lots of pictures together but I don’t have a scanner.

Curtain vs. Blinds

In my grandparent’s time, I couldn’t remember if there were houses or offices that used blinds for their windows. My grandparent’s house used curtains, and it was usually printed fabric. Even the small houses in the farm, they used curtains to make their house appealing. Nowadays, there are only few people using curtains. I like curtains, but for the people who don’t like laundry, just like me, I would prefer to use blinds because it is easy to clean the blinds than the curtain. If you compare the prices of the curtain and blind, they are almost the same, and sometimes curtain is more expensive than blinds if you choose the very nice fabric and design. So, if you get a chance to visit at the mall, or surf the net, try to check the prices, you would know that they have almost the same price.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ABC Wedenesday - N is for..... for Nail Polish, Nail Cutter, and Nail File

These are my nail beauty products. I sometimes cleaned my own nail if I am lazy to visit my favorite salon, that is why I bought a manicure set. Honestly, it is hard to clean my own toe nails. I can't bend well my body when cleaning the toes, but it saves me money if I will do it on my own. Actually, this is not complete. I forgot to include the whole manicure set like nipper, pusher, nailbrush, cuticle remover, cotton and nail polish remover or acetone.

My brown feet with a dark green nail polish.

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Get in Shape

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store again looking for something to prepare on Good Friday. The Catholic people, when it is Good Friday, usually we prepare light food on the table. No rice and viand on that day. So, I was looking for something I could mix to my “ginataang halo-halo” (mixed fruit cooked in coconut milk). As soon as I stepped in the store, there was a woman giving me Fat Burners leaflets. I supposed not to get it because I was in a hurry and I don’t want to entertain her too. However, when she told me that they have free consultation, free check-up, free nutrition guide, and a short briefing about weight/gain or maintaining body weight, I was interested then to listen.

I waited for my turn for a couple of minutes. I was glad when the nutritionist told me that I have a balance weight for my age and height, and all I need to do is to maintain my weight. I have fats stored to my tummy and to my lower back, but it wasn't too bad, and it could be easily removed if I will follow her instruction or get those effective fat burners. Well, I guess I will just follow her advice about the food to intake everyday to attain a good and healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Coffee Shop

Strawberry shakes, anyone?

While I was waiting for Janjan, who at that time was riding the mini train inside the mall, I ordered this strawberry shakes. The shakes wasn't too good for me. I can taste the strawberry, but it wasn't perfect shakes. It seems like something missing with the ingredients. Well, maybe I should give a consideration because it's a coffee shop and coffee is their specialty. I love their cappuccino, coffee mocha and I sometime ordered an espresso coffee. Anyway, this is my entry for Ruby Tuesday. Have a great day everyone.

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Vehicle Protection

My cousin came over last night just to ask if we renewed our motorcycle registration and the insurance. My father told him that it is not the time yet to renew the motorcycle. The registration as well as the insurance will expire in August this year. So, my cousin told my father, that in case he will renew everything, he can help for he is now an agent of a motor trade insurance company.

My brother was not at home yet when my cousin talked with my father. He was also looking for my brother, and when my brother got home, they talked to a little, and then my brother changed his clothes, and they went outside. It was already midnight when my brother got back, and he was drunk.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Monday - International Coin Collections

It's a first day of the week again which means, it's time to post our blue photos as an entry for our Blue Monday Meme hosted by Smiling Sally. Here is my entry for today.

I saw this photo hanging on the wall at our lawyer's office. Our lawyer loves collecting coins and bills from other countries. Since we have family living abroad, she also asked if we could add to her collection any amount of coins from my brother in Canada. She was so happy when my mother gave her coins from Canada. I also love collecting coins from other countries, but I just keep it to my box. Now, our lawyer gave me a bright idea with my collections. lol.

Smiling Sally 
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #2 - 1st Communion

This was taken last year when Janjan had his 1st communion at St. Paul Church, Davao City. When we got out from the church, the sun was burning. So, I just took one shot outside and we both run to the shade of the tree while waiting for a ride. Anyhow, this is my shadow shot entry for today. Happy Sunday everyone.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bathroom repair

I am planning to change the Bathroom Tiles, and my little counter top tiles if I have enough money this summer. I don’t like now the design of the bathroom tiles, and I also need a repair to my counter top because when water poured, it runs to the corner and not to the sink, which means the counter top is not leveled. I want to do it while kids are on vacation. I already talked to our neighbor who is a tile installer, and he is willing to do the job. I am glad that he didn't ask too much payment for his service. So, I hope before the school opening, the bathroom and counter top have been done.

Happy Birthday Akesha Lourice Dias myspace graphic comments

If not with Rose’s post, I wouldn’t know that today is Akesha’s birthday, the little princess of Dhemz and Greg. This little girl is blowing five candles on her cake of delight. I wish Janjan and I could give you a big hug baby while celebrating your birthday. Anyway, I hired a jet plane just to send our hugs and kisses for you Akesh. lol

Happy, happy birthday Akesha.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I refused to renew my credit card.

When I opened my Facebook account today, I learned that my cousin and her family will be having a family vacation next month. She actually invited me to visit our grandparent's place, but I declined the invitation for I don’t have money for our tickets and pocket money. I wish I still have my credit card, but I didn't renew my card for a year now. The bank kept on reminding me to renew my card, so I could use it as Holiday Money Card, but I refused to do so because I don’t have a fixed income now. I don’t want to be buried with debt so, much better not to renew my credit card.

Pink Friday

Since today is Friday, it's time to post something pink today, and here are the photos that I would like to share with you.

My brother sent this to me. It was Paulo's birthday, the boyfriend of our cousin (wearing pink) named Connie. My brother and his wife Tanya were invited for the little celebration that they had. Roy, (my brother) and Connie (our cousin) are just neighbors in Toronto, Canada. So, whenever there is a special occasion, big or small, it wouldn't be hard for them to invite each other because they are just one block away.

From the left: Paulo (the celebrant and boyfriend of Connie), Connie in Pink (our cousin), Roy (my brother), Tanya (my SIL and Roy's wife), and the rest are their friends.

I took these two photos below at NCCC Mall. I asked permission from the saleslady, and she told me that it is okay as long as I will shut off the flash.

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How to stop receiving spam emails?

When I opened my computer in the morning, the first thing that I do, is to open my email. I always checked my inbox, and I also checked my spam mail box, just in case there are mails that landed to my spam mail box. Every morning I got irritated these spam mails telling me that I won a million dollars cash, some are selling Viagra, and sometimes I wanted to reply to them and telling them that hey! I am a woman; I don’t need that Viagra for I don’t have a thing that needs to stand straight. There are also other mails that landed to my spam mail box, but they are only offering services such as debt help, credit card consultant, payday loans, newsletters, and a lot more. So, every morning, I just delete these spam mails, and I wish I know how to stop them from sending those annoying emails.

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. For me, it was just a bad experience.

2. I buy cat food at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the sound of the wind in the trees, I heard birds singing.

4. Writing an opp is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, I was sad and happy at the same time.

6. I was alone but I never felt alone when I was walking along at Balite Drive. A place where known to be a ghost street.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include visiting my nephew and niece because they are sick and Sunday, I want to study again my Swedish Language Lesson.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday

I found this picture on one of the forums that I have been joining before. I immediately grabbed it for I know this would be perfect for my Nostalgic Thursday hosted by Pretty Rose.

Actually, this was taken in October, 2005 when we first arrived here in Davao from living in Manila for a couple of decades. When we moved here, my kids didn't understand and can't speak the Visayan language for they were both born and raised in Manila. Janjan was four while Jason was 16 year old. We just finished Jason's high school in Manila before we decided to moved here for good. We had a small house when we arrived, but we had a beautiful garden. My mother loves plants and flowers, but when this house was renovated and built a bigger house, the garden was gone.

Me and Janjan

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Electric Bills for Senior Citizen

On summer time, our electricity bill usually goes up. The air-conditioner is on until in the morning and the electric fans are also on during the day. When I had a date with my lady blogger friend named Vernz, we also talked about electricity bill. We were talking if there is another way that could help us to minimize our electricity. I guess, we need to ask the air conditioning Bradford, probably they could have an answer to our questions. The government issued a policy that the Senior Citizen could get a 5% discount on electric and water bills if the bills are under their names, and if the consumption is below minimum usage. Unfortunately, we consumed over the minimum usage, so, even if the bills are under the name of my mother, we can’t get any discount.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ABC Wednesday & Watery Wedenday for Mama's Boy

He is my youngest son, and he is a mama's boy. He's actually turning 10 in a few months now, but he still acts like a baby even to his big brother. He can sing and dance well and a star in the school which is why he wants to join the "Child Star competition" or "Star Magic" in our local TV show. He always reminded me the last day of registration haha. Actually, he practices his acting talent here in our home. He imitated a dialog from commercial ads, and even the dialog of his favorite actor. I asked him why he wants to join that competition. He said, he wants to see himself in a big screen just like me. lol

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I want Ice Cream.......... myspace graphic comments

Grrrr.. The sun is so hot today. I am sweating all over my body while cleaning the floor. Now, I need to relax a little, and then I will run to the shower and blogging is the best way to relax lol.

It’s also lunch time here, but I guess I will eat my lunch after shower. I have so much planned to do today online and offline. Let us see if I can make it all. Let’s just cross my fingers first. lol

Oh, by the way, while I am typing this, I have heard my son calling me. His favorite ice cream in a cart (sorbetero) is here. Huh! I want some ice cream too.

Summer Vacation

If only I am rich, I would love to spend the summer vacation outside the country and rent the two-month vacation in a villa like Villas in Gran Caneria.Of course, it would be nice if the whole family would fly so we could have a great time together. But since I am not rich, we will just look for a resort here that we could enjoy and have fun while the kids are still on vacation. My son told me that there is a new open resort near here in our place, but I have not checked it yet. I am planning today to go out and check that place. I hope it won’t rain this afternoon, so I could visit the place.

Ruby Tuesday

I am not sure if this is what we called Palm Tree here. I saw this on my way home so, I just snapped for I thought it would be perfect for my Ruby Tuesday Meme.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Price Increase

My mother has a small grocery store here in our place, and she managed her store alone. She only asked help from me if she will be away for a couple of days, like visiting her sister in the province. However, when it comes to delivery, I am the one who ordered items or goods from the company. My mother will just pay it and will receive the goods. The other day, the wine delivery man informed us that there will be an increase some of their wines. So, he advised my mother to buy bulk while the price is still low. Well, this is a great advantage for my mother. She would definitely earn a little more if she will make an order this week.

Blue Monday

I just got back from a date with Vernz this afternoon lol. I'll tell you later about this for I need to share first my Blue Monday entry today. This photo was taken a few days ago. I was caught by the guard when I took some shots. I was not aware that they prohibit the people from taking pictures, but she was too late when the lady guard stopped me from doing it. Anyway, this is my entry for today.

Smiling Sally 
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #1

This is my first time to join this Shadow Shot Sunday. Honestly, I don’t have enough photos that have shadows, but since I am joining this now, I will start snapping any shadows here. These are my entries for today. They are my nephew and niece when they were playing beside the sea. I noticed their shadows, so I thought of posting these as my first entry on this interesting meme.

This is Jaja, sister of 3rdy.

3rdy and his shadow.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playing Guitar is their passion.

My nephew has improved his guitar lesson. We bought all the things he needed for his guitar lesson in December last year. Last summer, he asked his father who is my brother if he could enroll in a music school because he wants to learn guitar. The father allowed him but when my nephew’s teacher told him that they need to practice more on football every weekend, so the music school was disregarded at that time. He practices his guitar lesson only in December, and now he is improving. I am glad that we bought the right lick library guitar lessons book in a bookstore here in our place. He idolized my son Jason because Jason can play guitar so well.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. In the near darkness everyone must be ready for it.

2. I inquired about upgrading my internet connection, and the office staff told me that we don’t have a broadband line here in our place but there’s a plan to install broadband here. We will just wait ‘til further notice.

3. But this internet connection which I am using now really gave me headaches.

4. When we were kids, we love to play in the stream.

5. It's always nice if I could just lay, eat, read a little, watch TV a little, then sleep.

6. It would be perfect if there are always nice people and pleasant company.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing some opps, tomorrow my plans include chatting to a new friend, blogging, and study my Swedish Language Lesson again and Sunday, I want to relax, sleep, eat, and blog.

I shopped in a wrong time.

I was at the grocery store this afternoon for there are lots of missing items now in the kitchen. When I was there inside the store, I got irritated for they rearranged the whole place. I couldn’t get easily the things that I need to buy for I need to look for it first. Unlike the previous arrangement, I just go directly to the display racks. However, this afternoon, instead of doing it for less than an hour, it took for me a couple of hours. The canned goods were moved, shampoos and conditioner, laundry soap, plastic ware, Cookware, and even the dog and cat food was moved. The worst thing was, when I got out from the store, it rained so hard. I have waited for the rain to stop, but it seems that the rain won’t stop, so I went back inside just to buy an umbrella. What a bad day for me, isn't it?

My niece and her cousin.

Oh! gosh! It's now 4 in the afternoon, and I just opened my computer. I was busy with my laundry, and thanks goodness. I am done and my butt is now ready to sit here in front of my pc. Anyway, since today is Pink Friday, here are my pink photos that I found from my folder a while ago.

The girl in pink is my niece and the girl in white is my godchild. They are cousins. These two girls are so sweet to me, but sometimes annoying when they called me over the phone, and I am working here on the net.

These photos were taken during the graduation day of my godchild which is why my godchild was wearing white gown. 


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Have a great weekend everyone!