Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday

Whew! Graduation here, graduation there! According to Mayor Herbert Bautista, mayor of Quezon City, “Every year our colleges and universities are producing millions of graduates who simply end up among the unemployed because their courses are incompatible with what jobs are available. Many end up working in clerical positions or fast food restaurants. So, the government is encouraging high school graduates to take short courses in practical skills or technical fields in which work may be found more easily”.

Well, this is so true. I am just lucky because when I graduated from college, I already had a good job. I graduated from University of the East, Manila and this is the BSBA Building. The freshmen rooms are usually on the 4th floor, and the graduating students will go down to the 2nd floor. In my time, there was no elevator in BSBA building. The only buildings that have elevators were the Law and Computer Building where the Library was also located. I wish one day I could visit my Alma Mater as well as my professor in Accountancy.

University of the East, Manila.


Thanks to Rose again for hosting this meme every Thursday.