Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - I have met my cousins.

When uncle died, I met all of my cousins whom I have never met before. When we had our family reunion last Christmas from my mother’s side, only the parents came but not their kids. If not with our uncle’s wake, we will not meet each other for sure. I couldn't believe that he’s gone now. We were together in January this year.

We visited to their house, and he introduced me to all of his daughters who were there at that time. That’s why; it was so shocking when one of my cousins sent a message to my cell phone that our uncle died. He was healthy and still looking good when he toured me to his children houses that are married already. I am the 1st grandchild of the family, which is why I have two aunts who treated me as a sister when they are still single and young. We are best of friends. And here are the photos below that I took on the day that he will be buried.

 My three aunts. The two aunts from the last row are my best friends. They treated me as the younger sister and not niece.


My cousins, the children of my late uncle. The man is my uncle.

The daughter of my cousin. She sang a farewell song for her grandfather.

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