Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - Choc Nut Chocolate

This is my favorite chocolate when I was a kid. I remember that I only had .25 Cents allowance for school every day, and this milk chocolate was .05 Cents, so I still have .20 cents for my other candies. The 8 oz. coca-cola at that time was .15 Cents, and the big ban was .10 cents. So, for the amount of .25 Cents, I could buy choc nut and coke, or big ban and coke, and I still have few cents left. And until now, whenever I am at the grocery store, I will always pick a pack of this choc nut. The taste has never been changed that's why I still love it until now. Today, you can't buy anything with a .25 Cents, and the small kids won't accept the .25 Cents for they know that it has no value and can't buy anything even just a candy or lollipop.


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