Thursday, March 31, 2011

Online Business

I have a friend who has been selling items on eBay since last year. This woman is really business minded. She also entered into a real estate business. She advertised her products online through the help of Localsearchmarketing. I could tell that she is successful with her online business. She even recruited and convinced me to join her group as an agent on real estate business, but I am not a salesperson type. All I know is to sit here in front of the computer and blog. I don’t have the talent on convincing people to buy house and lot. Probably, I could do online advertising but not on actual selling of the product. My friend says, it could be learned because they have a group meeting every month, and they help each other on how to be a good real estate agent.

Mango Float for dessert.

I am so full this evening. I didn’t know that my mother made a mango float this morning for dessert. I was watching TV news when my mother told us that she made a mango float this morning. When Jason and Janjan heard this, they both run to the fridge. They so love mango float. I supposed to take photos for my Food Trip Meme but the two boys can’t wait for it. So, I told them that we will eat our dinner first and then the dessert. Well, mother told me that we can make a mango float everyday if we like because it is the season of yellow mango again, which means, mangoes are cheap now. From 60 to 70 pesos per kilo from the last month, now it is only 40 pesos per kilo. Yohooo!!

Online Business

I open my yahoo email account twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, or before I go to bed. I did this because I have so many spam mails to my inbox, and I kept on deleting it. There are also emails offering products and services, but I just ignored these emails for I never signed up any newsletters to any online shops. Sometimes, it made me wonder how they would know my email add. Who gave my email add? Does this email direct marketing really works for them? Well, whatever it is, as long as it is a real business and not a monkey business, I just wish for the success of their business. If ever I found out that email direct marketing is effective, I would also like to do this kind of strategy.

Nostalgic Thursday

Whew! Graduation here, graduation there! According to Mayor Herbert Bautista, mayor of Quezon City, “Every year our colleges and universities are producing millions of graduates who simply end up among the unemployed because their courses are incompatible with what jobs are available. Many end up working in clerical positions or fast food restaurants. So, the government is encouraging high school graduates to take short courses in practical skills or technical fields in which work may be found more easily”.

Well, this is so true. I am just lucky because when I graduated from college, I already had a good job. I graduated from University of the East, Manila and this is the BSBA Building. The freshmen rooms are usually on the 4th floor, and the graduating students will go down to the 2nd floor. In my time, there was no elevator in BSBA building. The only buildings that have elevators were the Law and Computer Building where the Library was also located. I wish one day I could visit my Alma Mater as well as my professor in Accountancy.

University of the East, Manila.


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Drugs that have side effects.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ABC Wednesday - K for Karaoke

Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which amateur singers sing popular songs accompanied by prerecorded music from a machine that may also display the words on a video screen. In the Philippines, this machine will not be missed whenever there is an occasion because Filipinos love to sing, even if some of them are out of tune.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beach in our place

Here are more pictures that were taken last Sunday when Janjan and I went to the beach. We are near to this beach. We can walk from our place to the beach if we want some exercise. During high tide, we could hear the splash of the waves. Actually, this beach is not yet fully developed, but somebody maintained the surroundings. They clean the place, remove all the trash floating or under the water to ensure the cleanliness of the place. I love walking around this place because the water is so clear. However, on sunny days, and the sun is burning, I won't dare exposing myself to the sun. I might get a sunburn for sure.

 Janjan can swim alone in the sea now. The first time we arrived here in Davao, he was scared with the sea water. He only likes swimming in the pool. He was scared with the sea weeds, rocks, crawling small snails, and a lot more. But now, he can pick those crawling crabs and snails without asking help from anybody.

 He was enjoying himself to the water. Wanna join him?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue Monday - Starfish and Me

These were taken only yesterday when Janjan and I decided to go to the beach. He went on swimming and I just walked on the sea side trying to look for something I can share with you here. Then sun was not so bright yesterday so it was good for me, and I could walk without hurting my skin from the rays of the sun.

 Sorry guys, it was a little blurry because the camera boy was freezing when he took me this. It was windy on the beach and when you get out of the water, you will be freezing.

 While Janjan was enjoying the clear water, he found this blue starfish. He picked it up and gave it to me.

Anyway, this is my entry for Blue Monday and thanks again to Smiling Sally for hosting this meme every Monday.

Smiling Sally

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dive into the season’s sexiest swimwear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bunk Beds Save Space

When you have small space or room for your kids, I guess it would be better to put a bunk bed for them for it save space. My cousin has been using a bunk bed for her two boys and so far the boys like their beds. I was planning before to buy Kids Bunk Beds for my boys too, but my eldest son doesn't like it. He prefers a pulled-out bed, so I bought that kind of bed for him. Just in case he has a visitor who wants to stay for a night, he will just pull the other bed under his bed. Well, I like his bed for it also saves space.

Pink Friday

This is one of the flowers displayed and for sale on Davao Day at the back of SM Mall. I asked the name of this flower, but since I have memory loss, lol I forgot the name of this. Can you name it for me pls? Anyway, this is my entry for today.

Can you name this flower please?

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Printing Shop

I have posted here last night that I was not feeling well because of my body pains. Unfortunately, I still have it until now, and the worst is, I also have headaches. I thought I still have enough medicine for body pains, but when I checked the medicine kit, I only have one table left. So, I decided to go to the nearest drug store here in our place. I took a ride and when I dropped at the drug store, there was a new build printing shop across the drug store. They accept banner printing, tarpaulin making, T-shirt printing, leaflets and brochure printing. When I saw the shop, I was happy then because we don’t need to look for a shop if we have planned to make any printing job.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got Body Pains myspace graphic comments

Today is our Nostalgic Thursday meme hosted by Rose, but I am not feeling nostalgic today because of my body pain that I have since last night. My arms, back, hips are all in pain. I took a rest this afternoon after taking a pill for body pains, and after talking with Lulu on yahoo messenger, but it didn’t help. I still have body pains. I hope this pain will leave me so soon for I can’t sit here properly in front of the computer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buy Replica Watches Online.

There are people that when they buy a thing, especially for personal use, they would only buy a signature or branded products for themselves. They wanted to have personal things with a name. These people are classified as high class society. However, there are also people that they prefer to buy replicas because it is cheaper than the original one. In my own opinion, if you can afford to buy original products, then go for it. But, if your budget is tight, be smart and wise; why not go for a replica.

Recently, I found an online store which sells fake watches or replica watches for men and women. They have all sorts of a brand name watches that I thought you would like to have. As I was looking through the IWC replicas, I could tell that it really looks with the original, and since these are only replicas, you need to give an extra care when you own one of these watches. When you put an order, the company will conduct a careful inspection of the product before sending it to your door. In case there is a problem of the product, you can ask for a replacement or return the product by sending them an email. Thus, you don’t have to be worried when placing an order to them. So, buy BVlgari watches now while stocks are still available. Enjoy your shopping.

My Facebook is back myspace graphic comments

I am happy today when I learned from my son that Facebook is back. We can now open it. It has nothing to do with my browser I guess, but I still followed Bingkee's suggestions. Thanks Bing. Anyway, I'll visit Facebook later tonight. See you there.

Toy Cars

We were at Toy Kingdom a few days ago with my son Janjan. He was fascinated again all the toy cars displayed at the store. He wishes that those are real, so he could ride and go anywhere. I told him that if those are real, the price would definitely be so expensive. The toy cars are BMW, Mercedez Benz, Lexus similar to Norwich Lexus, to name a few. Those mini cars are so cute really, but those are for display only in your home if you are a toy car collector. Anyway, when we went out the store, Janjan bought a small puzzle board, yoyo, and a drawing book. What do you expect after getting his stuff? Well, Jollibee is waiting for him. Lol.

J is for Jason & Jan

J....... is for Jason Christian and Jan Clark

J is stands for my kid's names. They both have two names but the first name starts with letter J and the second name starts with letter C. Jason is now 21 years old while Janjan will be turning 10 a few months from now.

Jan Clark a.k.a Janjan

and this is Jason, my eldest.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boxes for Storage

In a family house or apartment, there will be more than one bedroom to keep under control. The paraphernalia of a baby or infant is vast and specific, but try to resist investing too much in fun-size nursery furniture which won’t grow with your child. If children are sharing and the space is large enough, try to make sure that each child has their own storage like boxes for toys, or storage unit for clothing, school materials, and books and a little extra space for their little secrets. Boxes could help you keep your things in order so don’t throw right away if you could have it from the things you bought.

Problem with Facebook

I have no idea why I can’t open my Facebook account. It always said that my account is temporarily not available. I said WHATTTT? Why is it not available? I have not done anything with my Facebook. Is it because of my browser? I am using Firefox and I have heard that Facebook is compatible with Internet Explorer. I have planned to try to open it at the internet cafĂ© because they have Internet explorer, and if it opens there, that means, it’s the Firefox can’t upload the site. Any suggestions please. I miss Facebook now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blue Monday - Cake

This was the cake that Janjan brought on 3rdy's birthday last Saturday. Actually, my nephew has a cake already but when Janjan asked what's he wants, the little boy said he wants a chocolate cake. He doesn't like the big cake because it was not a chocolate. So, Janjan and his big cousin went out again, and they bought a chocolate cake only for 3rdy.

Smiling Sally
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Pictures

I was on Facebook today, and I was trying to search my old friend who is now in UK, but I couldn't find her there. I know she likes social networking sites, but I couldn't find her name at Facebook. I just don’t know if she is using aliases, or she is now married again because she is a widow. And while I kept on searching her, what I have found was my cousin who has the same name with my friend. I clicked all the photos of my cousin, and she is in a foreign country because of the background of the pictures, and the place was so beautiful. There was a picture that she was sitting on a bench and at the back was a beautiful villa similar to villas in France. Well, I sent her a private message, and I told her that I accidentally found her at Facebook. I wish I could have an answer so soon.


Argh! My ears were tired listening of our neighbors singing in their karaoke machine, magic sing or videoke since this morning. You know, these couples are both retired teachers. They have children overseas and I could tell that they have wonderful life together. However, even if they have beautiful life now, I know they got bored staying in their house the whole day. So, singing in their karaoke is one of their best past times together. The only problem is, they don’t mind if they disturb their neighbors or not. Sometimes, they started singing in the morning, and it will finish late in the evening. In addition, I don’t like the songs they’ve singing because it is oldies, which is why I got annoyed when they started singing. I wish they would not turn the volume louder, so they could not disturb their neighbors.

Playing a Skateboard

My son really wants to learn skateboarding, but I always told him that it is not the right time for him to play that risky game. Aside from that,skateboards and all other things used for this kind of game are expensive. There are lots of teenagers playing a skateboard on the villages during weekends, but the people are now complaining these kids playing and running with their skateboard because sometimes, there are also small kids playing outside. They might hit the small kids, or car parks outside the owner’s house. I wish there is a safe and open place for the teenagers to play skateboard. Places where they can’t hit anybody while playing.

Not in a good mood today. myspace graphic comments

Today is so tiring day, or maybe I am just bored staying here in the house the whole day. The weather makes me feel so tired because it rains on a little. I have planned to attend a mass this afternoon but I don’t like to go out with umbrella. I hate bringing an umbrella. I am not like my cousin, who whenever she went out of the house, she has an umbrella in her bag. Anyway, if the rain stops before 6 P.M. then, I and Janjan will go out and attend the afternoon mass. If Janjan doesn’t feel to go out then I will go out alone.

House Renovation.

Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday, but there was no big party. We celebrated a very simple birthday party for him. The mother was just invited the closest family and some neighbors. I thought the mother prepared a big party in their home but when we got in there; the house has on going construction. She extended their house into a bigger space. The construction started in the kitchen so it was hard for me to cook because she asked me to cook some of the food, and the foreman was kept on walking here and there because he was getting the Flooring estimates in the kitchen. Anyway, even if there was no big celebration, I know my nephew enjoyed his little party with his small cousins and friends too.

Got Annoyed myspace graphic comments

I woke up this morning with a bad mood because I heard our neighbor calling my father. He was yelling on top of his lungs. Usually, I woke up late on Sundays, but because of this man's voice, I was awake and got irritated. So, I decided to get up. I went out and I asked why he was calling my father, and he said, they have planned today to go to the beach early in the morning. Tsk..tsk…What a bad morning for me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doctor Reviews on Eye Lasik

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If you look at the Yelp for Stahl Eye Center in New York, two patients speak in glowing terms about their Lasik, but one complains that the wait was too long and wanted more information about each of the tests that were performed to evaluate him for Lasik. Was the third patient impatient? Is this someone who is easily dissatisfied, or was this a legitimate breakdown of the doctor/patient relationship. And are any of the reviews real.

Happy Birthday 3rdy! myspace graphic comments

Today is my nephew's birthday! Yeheyy! He's now 3 years old boy. The other day he reminded me on his birthday over the phone. My heart melted again when he said "I love you mommy". Well, just enjoy your day my cute little boy, and I love you too. Be good to mama, papa and ate Jaja always.

The very strict supervisor. lol

 He loves his Kuya Janjan's Batman costume and since this is not fitted to Janjan anymore, Janjan gave it to 3rdy.
 Again Happy, Happy Birthday 3rdypotpot....hehehe.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wine Glass Collection.

The malls here in Davao have been giving big discounts on all their items as a part of the celebration of Davao Day. On Sunday will be the last day sale, and I am planning to buy more Wine Glasses while still on sale. I just wish that they still have plenty of stocks for I know it has been a week now since they gave big discounts. Well, I have planned to go to the mall tomorrow so I hope I could buy another set of this wine glasses that I so love to collect. Well, that’s all for tonight guys and have a great weekend.

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. I love to go to the beach because swimming is one of my hobbies.

2. When I buy a thing, I am not after the looks, but it’s the quality!

3. The last thing I had to eat was a vegetable salad.

4. If the night is cold, air-conditioner is no longer essential.

5. Please take a moment to pray for Japan. They need an immediate assistance.

6. I couldn't imagine that I have brought you this far.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include doing some house chores, opps I forgot, tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday and Sunday, I want to relax, I hope!

I am tired of my internet connection.

Honestly, I am not in the mood to blog today because of my very slow internet connection. It is like I am just wasting my time and electricity while sitting here in front of the computer. So, I decided to do my laundry today for I have planned to go back at the botanical garden tomorrow. I was there the other day with my cousin, but we ran at the mall when the rain started pouring. We headed to the hardware section, and I bought a water hose for the washing machine while my cousin was looking for a Made to measure pleated blinds for her little store.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - Choc Nut Chocolate

This is my favorite chocolate when I was a kid. I remember that I only had .25 Cents allowance for school every day, and this milk chocolate was .05 Cents, so I still have .20 cents for my other candies. The 8 oz. coca-cola at that time was .15 Cents, and the big ban was .10 cents. So, for the amount of .25 Cents, I could buy choc nut and coke, or big ban and coke, and I still have few cents left. And until now, whenever I am at the grocery store, I will always pick a pack of this choc nut. The taste has never been changed that's why I still love it until now. Today, you can't buy anything with a .25 Cents, and the small kids won't accept the .25 Cents for they know that it has no value and can't buy anything even just a candy or lollipop.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ABC Wednesday - Ice Skating

I is for..........Ice Skating.

My son and his cousin when we were at MOA (Mall Of Asia) Manila. The kids wanted to play on the Ice skating rink, so we let them play until they got tired.

 Janjan is wearing orange shirt while Andrei is in green stripes.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Show

Last Sunday was the schedule for a dog show here but unfortunately, I was not being able to watch the show because it rained here in our place. It’s an open air dog show, and I hate bringing an umbrella outside, but I waited for the rain to stop. My son was so disappointed when he learned that we could not watch the show on that day. I told him that we could still watch a dog show but not live. We will just wait to be featured on TV after the dog holidays I guess. Anyway, the other day while I was walking at the downtown, I saw a man holding his dog with very cute police attire. All the people were smiling at them. I guess they are one of the participants to the dog show last Sunday.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Monday - My son up on a tree.

I was cleaning the floor when Janjan kept on calling and asking me to bring the camera. I was not listening to him because I was busy. But when my niece told me that her Kuya Janjan climbed the tree, I hurriedly went to the yard. Instead of getting mad at him, I smiled because he could climb the tree now. He was scared before to climb a tree but since his boy friends are good climbers, maybe he was getting envy with them. So, I went back inside the house and took the camera.

Janjan wearing blue and yellow short pants.

I can climb, yeheyyy! It's nice here mama, he said.

Smiling Sally
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2010 Personal Bankruptcy Filings Up 14%

US bankruptcy filings were up 13.58% in the fiscal year ending 2010. Non-business bankruptcies dropped slightly from 2009, however Chapter 7 liquidation and Chapter 13 reorganization personal bankruptcy both reported significant increases, reports Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Gerald Glazer.

The US recession that began in December 2007 ended in June 2009, making the 18-month slump the longest since the Great Depression, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. Although businesses appear to be recovering from the Great Recession, personal income continues to suffer from long-term unemployment and re-employment with lower earnings.

Emergency Awareness

My hearts breaks when I see all the news about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan a few days ago. My brother in Canada called last night when he learned that Philippines is on Level 2 alert for the tsunami warning. He was worried for we are near to the sea. I told him that the tsunami warning is not here in Davao City. Janjan, my 9 year old son was jokingly, or I guess he really meant it when he said that, in case there is a tsunami here, we could use our rubber boat, so we need to prepare the rubber boat all the time. Well, our school from kindergarten to college has been trying to educate the kids if ever major emergency will come. They have fire and earthquake drills every year. Anyhow, in times of emergency, is your family prepared for it? Do you discuss it with your kids?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broadband Internet Connection

Are you looking for a fast and reliable internet connection? I have found a site a while ago where they provide lists of top quality broadband providers that you can choose from, and be able to compare the product and services of each provider. So, why not give it a try to visit the site now. They might be the one you needed in your area.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Imported Rubber Boat

When my brother and his Canadian wife visited here in the Philippine two years ago, they brought a set of a rubber boat for he knows that our father likes to go on boating. This morning, father was looking for the air pump. I thought he will use it for the bike. I have learned from my son that he and my uncle went to the sea and brought the rubber boat. I got mad because the weather is bad, too windy and it’s about to rain also. I am sure the sea has big waves. If only we are near to the river and lake from my father’s place, I guess I would suggest going on boating to the lake just like at Norfolk broads. It is much safer sailing in the lake I guess than the sea. What do you think?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday - I have met my cousins.

When uncle died, I met all of my cousins whom I have never met before. When we had our family reunion last Christmas from my mother’s side, only the parents came but not their kids. If not with our uncle’s wake, we will not meet each other for sure. I couldn't believe that he’s gone now. We were together in January this year.

We visited to their house, and he introduced me to all of his daughters who were there at that time. That’s why; it was so shocking when one of my cousins sent a message to my cell phone that our uncle died. He was healthy and still looking good when he toured me to his children houses that are married already. I am the 1st grandchild of the family, which is why I have two aunts who treated me as a sister when they are still single and young. We are best of friends. And here are the photos below that I took on the day that he will be buried.

 My three aunts. The two aunts from the last row are my best friends. They treated me as the younger sister and not niece.


My cousins, the children of my late uncle. The man is my uncle.

The daughter of my cousin. She sang a farewell song for her grandfather.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Direct Selling Company

Last week, I was invited by my cousin to attend a free seminar at AVON, a direct selling company. Actually, I am not interested on direct selling, but since it is free and there is also a demonstration and beauty tips about applying make-ups, I decided to attend the seminar. As expected, the seminar was not on time. Most of the participants were late. Anyway, while we were waiting for the other participants, I got a chance to roam around the place. I have noticed that most of the glass walls are using vertical blinds from top and almost on the floor. The color blends well to the wall and ceiling. The whole area is neat and presentable, and I like it.


Argh! I heard again my neighbor calling her kids, a five year old boy, and a four year old girl. Their house is just in front of our house. Whenever she called her kids, she was like a roaring tiger. The kids didn’t listen to her; they just continue playing, even if their mother is mad already. The kids will just stop playing if they saw their mother holding a stick to spank them. The only thing that I don’t like is that, the mother doesn't mind if she disturbs the neighbor or not. Sometimes, she was yelling where everybody was on the bed already. Grrrrr. What a neighbor.

Computer Parts

I bought today a RJ45 Cable. Jason requested it last week, but I always forgot it. So, I went out today, and I bought this cable connection after my grocery shopping. Jason just instructed me to buy this cable connection, but he never told me the length, so when he saw it this afternoon, he said I bought the shorter one. I supposed to go out again so I can replace the cable, but it rained so hard, which is why I decided not to go out but definitely I will go back tomorrow at the computer store, so I can change the item. I wish he told me that he wants a longer cable. Anyway, the store where I bought the cable is not really far from our place, and the change item policy is in the afternoon.

ABC Wednesday - H is for Hotel

It has been a long time since I posted my last entry for ABC Wednesday meme. Now I am back, and hopefully I could join this again every Wednesday. for Hotel

These are the hotels you can find here in our place. The first picture is the Marco Polo Hotel, and the second picture is the Queensland Hotel.

The Marco Polo Hotel

Queensland Hotel

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beach House

I was at my friend’s blog a while ago, and I have learned that she and her American husband wanted to buy a house near the beach. She posted the pictures of the place that they wanted to buy. I like the place for it has white sand on the beach, and I am sure leaving in this kind of place is like paradise. She was not talking yet if they will build a modern style house with blinds for bay windows , or they will just build an ordinary house for them to stay when they retire from work. Well, whatever it is, I am sure they will build a beautiful house on that place.

Dog Show

I can’t wait to watch a dog show this coming “Araw ng Dabaw” or Davao Day. It always flashes on our TV screen that they are still searching for dog owners to participate on the said event. I have watched the dog show, but it was only on TV. I wish the weather will cooperate on that day. This would be the 2nd National dog show which will be held on one of the beaches here in our place.

Picture not mine.

We need a break.

We wanted to have a weekend break this coming weekend, but the weather is not good for a couple of weeks now. We were all tired after the ten-day vigil of my uncle’s wake. We have been choosing a beach; pool or waterfalls in the mountain where our relatives live. Actually, we were invited to visit them, and we will go on swimming in the river. It has been a couple of decades ago the last time I was there. I asked if the place is still the same. My uncle told me that the roads are now cemented; there is an electric power as well. Well, I wish we could visit them again one of these days.


When our uncle died a few weeks ago, there were four in the family that couldn’t celebrate their birthdays because we were all at the wake. We just greeted them but there was no celebration each one of them. Here are the people who couldn’t celebrate their birthdays because of the wake.

My uncle Junior………February 25, the day after his brother died.
Jason, my son………...March 2,
Miko, my nephew…….March 5,
Uncle Ottoy…………..March 6, the brother

Well, they can celebrate their birthdays next year or next month if they want. Lol Anyway, belated happy birthday to all of them.

Household Storage

My uncle and her wife scheduled to go back in Japan next month, and this time all their kids will go with them for he is now a Japanese Citizen. My uncle marries a Japanese descendant which is why they are living in Japan for more than a decade now. The couple came over when they learned that one of the brothers died last February 24, 2011. Now they have a problem where to store all the remaining household furniture and appliances. They were asking one of the nieces to take care of the house and the farm. I wish my uncle could find a storage unit just like at storage Battersea where you could rent the place and store all the household stuffs.

I am waiting for the sunshine.

The weather here in Davao for the past few days is unpredictable. Yesterday, I did all my laundries, even if the sun was hiding the whole day. I hang it outside hoping that some of it will dry. Unfortunately, all were still wet until the next morning. I was happy today when the sun was shining. I thought the sun will shine the whole day, but it won’t. The dark clouds appeared in the afternoon. I was sad because I still have wet clothes hanging outside. I just wish to have a sun again tomorrow.

Choose Your Next Holiday Destination

A few weeks hereafter, and it school vacation here in the Philippines. The students, pupils as well as teachers are excited for the up-coming summer vacation. If I could spend it outside my country, I would like to visit Portugal because I have a Filipino friend who is now living there for good with her Portuguese husband. I would certainly love to stay at Portugal Villas, but unfortunately, money is not available at this time. I will but a lotto ticket first and hoping that I will hit the jackpot prize. How about you, where do you plan your next holiday destination? Is it here in Philippines? We also have lots of beautiful places and beaches that you will enjoy.

Ruby Tuesday - Watermelon

Finally, I have time now to write here in my blog. I supposed to post my Blue Monday meme entry yesterday, but I was so tired after doing my laundry. I got back pain, so I just lay down on the bed. Anyway, since today is Tuesday, here’s my entry for today’s meme.

This is one of my favorite fruits during summer. This is usually seen on the table as a dessert when it is the season because this fruit is seasonal, which means that they are not available all year long. Watermelon has lycopene, an antioxidant found in most red colored fruits, and it helps to prevent a heart attack. Watermelon also contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. So, eat watermelon while it is the season.

Watermelon, anyone?

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