Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World Tour? I Wish!

A few weeks ago, I happened to watch Korina Sanchez talk show. She featured a man who won 87 Million pesos jackpot lotto a few years back. The host interviewed the man how he spent his winning money. He is just an ordinary employee in a not so big company. The man bought a house and lot worth five million; cars and he also invest his money into business. He never mentioned that they went on vacation or having holidays in Europe, USA, or to any part of the world where you can see beautiful places aside from your country. If I won that money, I would surely like to have Holidays in Europe with my kids of course. How about you, what will you do if you won a million pesos in a lottery. Will you tour the world? Well, let us start buying tickets for the lottery now, who knows one of us will be the next instant millionaire.