Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shirts Printing and Logos Design.

Yesterday, Janjan and I went to the wet market, and we bought fish and vegetables for dinner. While we were busy looking around, Janjan saw his classmates with the mother too. Since, she’s one of the officers of the Parent Teacher’s Association, I recognized her easily. She is friendly too, and we talked for a minute. She told me that they now have shirt printing business, and if ever I know somebody who is looking for a shirt printing, she’s willing to give a commission if the order is 50 shirts above. They designed anime characters, logos, and they also provide a brochure for anime characters and logo design ideas for you to choose from. I asked for a calling card from her, but unfortunately, she has none because she only brought her small wallet. However, she gave her cell phone and land line phone number to me. I am happy for her because she managed her own business, and I am sure it will stay long because the shop is surrounded with schools, and that’s a perfect location I guess.