Thursday, February 17, 2011

Save Energy, Save Money

I have never seen a residential here installing a metalized aluminum foil in their roofs or attic to help them save electricity bills. I guess this EcoFoil Radient Barrier that I found today online is really good if you could save money for your electric bills. But I guess this attic insulation is unsuitable in our home, or here in our place. The main purpose of this foil is to minimize the consumption of your heater or cooler. It helps to reduce the heat of the sun, or the coldness of the weather like winter time. When I read the description of this product, I was thinking that this is also good for warehouses here. I remember when I was still working in a textile company; our warehouses were so warm, as if you were baked inside the oven. So, probably it would be nice if this could be installed to the roofs of the warehouses here. What do you think?