Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - My little angles.

Oh! no, they are not my own children. They are my niece and nephew. These two little angels are so adorable kids. They can sing and dance like their Mommy Ganda (Mommy Pretty) and that's me. When ever I asked them to sing or dance, they are not shy to show it for us. 3rdy can sing "Baby, Baby" by Justine Beiber even though he can't pronounce it well. He also loves "Waka-Waka" song. If you still remember the "Nobody" song, Jaja is good at it. She sometimes wanted me to follow her when she danced. Anyway, these are my entries for Ruby Tuesday meme.

Jaja (center) in her kindergarten uniform.

3rdy and Jaja dancing "Waka-waka song"

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