Thursday, February 24, 2011

My uncle died this afternoon.

While we were eating our dinner, we watched TV at the same time. The sound was too loud that I couldn’t hear my cell phone ringing. But Janjan was asking whose cell phone was beeping, and I told him that it wasn’t mine. We continued eating and we ignored that cell phone beeping.

Later, I heard my cell phone ringing. Since I wasn’t wearing my eyeglasses, I never knew who the caller was. I just answered it and I recognized the voice. It was my cousin who called. I was shocked with the news that she had. Our uncle died only this afternoon. We didn’t know here that our uncle was rush to the hospital the other night, and he died this afternoon. I was sad because the last time we visited his place, he was happy to see me and Janjan. His children actually told me that Janjan has the same body built of their father. To my handsome uncle, may you rest in peace.