Sunday, February 27, 2011

My brother needs a helper.

My brother in Canada has planned to look for a bigger apartment when his son arrives from here. He petitioned his fourteen year old son to unite with him in Canada. Since he is living alone, his place right now is too small for them if his son will arrive soon. That’s the reason why he wants to move from a bigger place. I know it is hard for him to do that right away for he is busy at work. He works six days a week. I know the hardest part when moving is the packing and unpacking all of your things. I could relate that because when we moved to another place before, I had got all the body pains after moving. I packed and unpacked our things all by myself. I guess that’s the hardest part when you do it alone.

My brother says, he probably hires a moving company that includes packing, unpacking, and a truck that could be used because he has no time to do it all by himself. He has been searching for a mover who is affordable and has been in the business for a longest time to ensure a good quality service would be provided. His co-worker recommended the Los Angeles movers, but he didn’t try to contact this company yet, the movers in Los Angeles are known to be the top movers in the city because of their excellent work. If only I am there, I would start packing the small things now.