Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I want a clutter-free home.

I went to my aunt house this afternoon just to give the phone number of their life insurance company in Manila. She asked of this the other day. My aunt was cleaning their roman blinds style, and she was also replacing curtains in her bedroom. I love the fabric design and color of her curtains. It matches to her bed sheets and pillows. Her bedroom is not really big, but she managed to make it spacious and clutter free.

Well, there were no kids in their house that is why you can’t see any toys or kid’s stuff on the floor. It is not like in our home that toys are everywhere, books are on the floor, crayons are scattered, and I am tired of telling them to keep their things after using. By the way, there are only two kids in our home, its Janjan and my niece but when they scattered their things on the floor, it seems like there were many kids playing inside. Honestly, I am happy during weekends, because I don’t see any books or notebooks scattered on the floor. They were outside playing with their friends.