Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am interested on Web Designing.

I have friends who have talents on a web designing. They don’t need to hire web design companies if they wanted to have some changes on their site for they can make it on their own. Honestly, I envied for those who can make web designs, templates, or layout. I have been trying to search an online tutorial on a web designing for I am really interested to learn these things. It is a great advantage if you can design your own page. Right now, I am just using templates from a site where you can grab it for free. However, this blog was designed by Dhemz of My Life Perception and Inspiration. My three other blogs are using free templates. I wish one day I could design my own templates. How about you, are you interested to learn on a web designing? Do you know where should I start, what software should be needed when designing a template, etc.? It would be much appreciated if you can share it to me.