Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boating on the river is fun.

While I was surfing here on the net, I found a beautiful place to relax, unwind, a place where fun is unlimited and priceless. These villas in Turkey reminded me when we were still kids. During summer vacation, I and my siblings will be staying at our grandparents place until the next school openings. Our cousins were there too for the whole school summer vacation. We had lots of fun like boating on the river, lake, and sometimes to the sea. It was certainly a world of fun for me, and now my kids love boating as well, but they never have tried on boating to the lakes or river. They usually went on boating to the sea with their cousins too. I wish, my kids would also experience lake boating or even just a swimming in the river. I am sure they would definitely love it.