Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beautiful People in the Blogland.

Wednesday last week, I met one of my idols here in the blogging world. She was with two other male bloggers when I met her. Anyway, when she asked me if I want to meet her, I was really excited. She mentioned the two bloggers, but I never thought that they were males, (kinda not comfortable with it. lol.). I saw her already sitting at the coffee shop together with the two young male bloggers. So, I came near and then Bingkee shouted as soon as she sees me. She introduced me to her friends and on that afternoon, we had a good talk like we were old friends. I learned few things from Bloggie. He shared his knowledge on blogging stuff. Nonoy is a silent type guy, but mind you guys, he is a musician and a lead singer in his band. Actually, if you are a follower of Bingkee’s blog, you can easily recognize her in person. She looks the same; the cute dimple when she smiled is the first thing you would recognize from her.

On Sunday, I had a meeting to another blogger named Vernz. If you are a follower of Vernz, you will know that she’s a cheerful and a good-humored person. You will know that from her blog posts, or when she commented to your blog posts. She is still the same in person. Actually, I came late to our date, he he and I saw her sitting on the table while she was reading a book. So, I approached and asked her “ikaw na ba yan Vernz?” Ha ha.

I had two glorious afternoon on separate occasions. I know and I am sure that was the only beginning of our "kita-kits". We are all excited on the next meeting, hopefully this month. Well, friends, you can read the details of our meetings with Vernz click here, Bingkee click here, and with Nonoy click here.

Vernz and me when we had our free massage. lol we're so makulit.

Bing and me wearing a brown tube.

Vernz and me wearing purple tube.

From the left, Blogie, an IT Consultant and an organizer of Wordpress Camp; Nonoy, the musician;Bingkee, the sweet and kikay, and me.

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