Friday, January 7, 2011

Would I be thankful?

I was lucky this morning for I could upload pictures from my files without any interruptions of my internet connection. It uploaded faster than before. I was happy when it didn’t take so long because today is Friday, and I want to join Skywatch meme from my iTravel blog.

However, when I came back here after our lunch, the connection was slow again. I couldn’t upload the whole page of my blog easily. As usual, I feel so bad and mad again. And since the connection was slow, I decided to spin my butt around the house while waiting for my blog to upload completely. I did my laundry pretty well, and while the washing machine was spinning, I also cooked green and ripe bananas. I checked the computer from time to time as well. Wow! I can do multi tasking because of my very slow internet connection. It was also like I was doing exercise by running here in the room where the computer is, run to the laundry area, and then run to the dirty kitchen to check my cooking. Ha ha would I be thankful for having a slow connection? Of course not! I still need a very fast internet connection huh!