Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things that we should bring in Sweden

Everyday I keep on checking, preparing all the things that we need to bring in Sweden. All our papers are now complete, but I know, our clothes at this moment can’t be wear alone for it is winter time. I bought some jackets for me and for Janjan, but that would not be enough I know. Yesterday, I was putting some clothes again to Janjan’s luggage, and he noticed that I didn’t include his toys like remote cars. He has five remote cars; two of these were just bought last month. The big remote car is not running anymore for I have no idea where I could buy Remote Control Spare Parts. Janjan wants me to bring this also, but I told him that I am not sure if we can fix it in Sweden. We can bring the two new remote cars but not the big old toy car. Well, I am not yet finished packing our things. I still need more clothes to bring, I guess. Do you have any suggestions on what to bring when you move from another country?