Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Searching for a domain name is not easy.

These past few weeks, I was busy accompanying my nephew for his medical examination. His father who is my brother asked a favor from me to assist his son for all he needs pertaining to his sponsorship for his son going to Canada. On Friday, I will get the result of my nephew’s medical test. I just wish that everything will be all right for I know when he was still a kid, he had a lung problem.

Anyway, I am really happy that my page rank got back after so many months of waiting. If you are my follower, you would definitely know that I lost my page rank early last year. I had no idea why my rank was gone, but then it was also a coincidence for I wanted to buy a domain name at that time. In fact, before my page rank had gone, I started creating for a domain name, and I proceeded to domain search when the name was ready.

However, I also asked a second opinion to my friends about searching for a domain. They know that I had a good page rank, so they advised me not to buy a domain yet while I still have my page rank. They told me about the consequences if I will buy a domain while having a page rank, so I listened to them. A few days after, my page rank was disappeared. I was in Sweden when I bought a domain name, and it has been ten months now that I am using my own domain.