Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real Estate Broker or Agent

A few weeks ago, I met an old friend at the mall while I was doing my shopping. She is now currently working in a real estate business. We had a little conversation until she invited me to visit all their house projects like condominium, a house and lot package, or lot only. Since the house tripping is free and with snacks as well, I undertook the invitation. Consequently, we did it the next day. We visited first the attached and detached house and lot package, but only few are left, and then we visited the high class subdivision. The place was really nice, peaceful and with complete amenities. I love one of the house designs. It has three bedrooms and a small attic perfect for kid’s game place.

After we visited all their projects, we went to their office and had our snacks while she was explaining to me the details on how to purchase, cash or installment, and on how to be part of them. I was thinking to try to become a real estate agent for I was delighted to see her photocopied business checks issued by the company as her commissions to all her closed transactions. However, I doubt if I have a talent or skills on real estate business. I don’t have a sweet tongue, I am sure of that, but could it be learned?