Thursday, January 27, 2011

A phone call from my nephew.

Last night, this cute little boy on the picture called me on the phone. I was not sure if he was just playing on the phone, or he really misses me now. I have not seen him for a month I guess. My heart melted when I heard him saying Mommy, I meth yu (mommy, I miss you). He’s my loving nephew, and he will be celebrating his 3rd birthday two months from now. Her mother told him that we will not be here on his birthday anymore, and he asked why. The mother told him that we will go to a place very far from their house; he said then to ride a jeepney so we can come on his birthday. I wish it is just as simple as that my little 3rdy hahaha.

My little nephew. His name is 3rdy. Isn't he cute?