Friday, January 14, 2011

A Perfect Place for Family Holidays.

Last Christmas our Philippine Lotto Sweepstakes, specifically the 6/55 Lotto had made over 700 Million jackpot price. You could see everyday all the lotto outlets were having long lines just to purchase lotto tickets hoping to win the jackpot price. I was one of those who fantasized the winning price. I imagined myself that if I will win, I would definitely have a family holiday anywhere in the world that my family loves to visit.

I know Europe has lots to offer, so it would be our first choice and family holidays Holland would be a perfect place for us if I will win. Anyway, the lucky winner of 6/55 lotto game was a Filipino living in the USA, and he just visited Philippines to spend his holiday with friends and relatives. He bought his ticket before his flight back to USA, and he came back to the Philippines when he learned that he won the jackpot price. What a lucky old granddad.