Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am looking for a condominium.

Yesterday, I received a text message from my mobile phone, and I was invited for a house tripping near to our place. Since I also have a meeting today at the mall with one of my friends here in the blogging world, I accepted the invitation. So, this afternoon, after the meeting of my friend, I headed to the real estate broker’s place, and I told her that I am ready for the tripping.

The place was just at the back of the mall, so it was not too far for me to walk. We went to their condominium projects, and she presented the model unit of the said condominium. The unit was fully furnished, well arranged, and had a beautiful picture frame of villas in Italy. Anyway, I guess you were wondering why I was looking for a condo unit, apartment or villas. My Swedish family would like to retire here in Davao, and while I am still here, they asked me to look for it. That’s the reason why I am now busy talking with the real estate brokers.