Friday, January 21, 2011

Google is updating our blog's PR.

I woke up late this morning, and I don’t feel to get up from my bed. I just want to sleep longer, but I couldn’t. If you could only see my laundry basket, it is really full now waaaaaa. Janjan was already here in the computer when I got up. I told him to finish his game because I will use the computer. I opened my Facebook account first, and I read one of my blogger friends thanking Mr. G, or Google for updating her blog and gave her a higher PR. Of course, I congratulated her, and I even left a message to her that Mr. G has forgotten me a long time now, and I was not interested to check my PR after leaving the message.

After Facebook, I opened this blog and read all the comments, and I visited and commented to their blogs as well. I didn’t notice the Firefox toolbar that has Google Page Rank button which I downloaded a few months ago has a longer green bar color which indicates my blog has been updated. So, I clicked it and to my surprised, my PR of 3 is back. Wow! I thought Mr. Google ignored me already. The last update of this blog was in April, 2010. I also checked my other blog, and it has PR 2 now. I would like to say Big Thanks to Mr. Google for giving back my PR’s which I lost in early 2010. Thank you so much. I would be happier if my friend’s blogs got an increase of their PR’s too (para masaya lahat).