Monday, January 10, 2011

Blue Monday

I am back on this meme. I miss Smiling Sally’s meme. Anyway, here is my entry for this week. It was taken the last December. When my son saw these photos, he told me that I look like 27 years old and not 47 years old. Lol. I was thinking then if he needs something from me, but I know he wasn’t telling a lie. How many times that his friends at school thought that I am just his big sister or “Ate” in our language. My eldest son is 5’11 in height, and I am just 5’3. He is now 21 years old and has a serious relationship with his girlfriend, and I am not happy with it because I am not yet ready to become a grandmother waaaaaaa.

This was taken in the morning, and below was in the afternoon.

 This photo was taken at one of the coffee shops at the mall. I looked so tired but I couldn’t remember why I was so tired on this picture. I guessed I was drunk the other night Hahaha.

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