Thursday, December 16, 2010

Social Spark V1 Payment Received

If not with Shydub, I wouldn’t know that Social Spark V1 had come to an end a couple of weeks/days ago. I was glad when Shydub posted that SS V1 has been releasing funds to all members, even if your earnings didn't reach the payout amount which is $50.00.

I have $49.50 and $12.81 left from my two blogs, so I hurriedly went to SS v1 and withdraw the money. Thanks to Carri because yesterday she sent my money to my Paypal account. Horray!. She is so quick to respond to my request. So for those who are not aware of this, visit the old Social Spark, log-in to your account and just follow the instructions on how to withdraw your money. I know this money can't buy a house and lot, not even a used car, lol but I am happy for it because it will surely help for my expenses this season.

Anyhow, here are the proofs of payment.