Sunday, December 12, 2010

Clams on Weekends

On weekends, my brother loves to go to the sea. He usually left here in our home early in the morning and will come back when the sun is high. Sometimes he forgot to go home and stay there in the water until in the afternoon. He enjoyed digging those clams in the sand. He taught me how to dig those clams and where to look for it. At first I have no patient to look for it but when I got a few of them, I started to like it, and later it was fun for me. The only thing that I don’t like is that, if the sun is so high and burning, and you soak your body to the sea water. When you get out of the water, you will be like cooked crabs or shrimp, or you will be like overcooked bread ha ha. So, it is very seldom I go with my brother just to get shells or clams in the beach. Anyway, these are the clams that my brother brought us today.He boiled it, and he put some spices. Yummy! You can boil, fry, or steam clams. You can even eat clams raw. Small hard-shell clams called littlenecks and cherrystone clams usually get eaten raw. You only eat the body of the clam, not its shell. You can cook clams to make soup. Clam soup is called clam chowder.

The hard-shell clams.